“Gears of War 4” Going Gold and Launch Trailer

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Gears of War 4

It’s time to get excited. With only a couple weeks left until Gears of War 4 is released, Microsoft celebrated alongside The Coalition as the game was released to manufacturing ahead of it’s October 11th worldwide release. The event, referred to as “Going Gold,” marks the release of the gold master disc to Xbox replication facilities around the world.

Gears of War 4 is the first game in the franchise that will be available as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program which will make it available simultaneously for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. What is even more exciting is the fact that Gears of War 4 also supports Cross Play across Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in all of the game’s modes, including Versus, campaign and the all-new Horde 3.0 survival mode.†  This is something that should make some folks pretty excited.

Gears of War 4 "Goes Gold"
The event was celebrated today by Microsoft’s Board of Directors, who traveled to the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre in Vancouver, B.C., to help mark the occasion alongside Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, and Rod Fergusson, head of the Vancouver-based development studio The Coalition, responsible for the development of Gears of War.

Now as we patiently await for the game’s release, Xbox also released a launch trailer. The trailer gives us a glimpse at the initial campaign as we fast forward 25 years.

Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad made Sera safe for tomorrow’s generation. His son JD has lived with that peace, until now. A new threat called the Swarm has emerged and now JD, along with his friends Del and Kait, must fight together and survive the night.†


†Source: Xbox Press Wire