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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Rewind: Mike Tyson Mysteries

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Mike Tyson Mysteries

San Diego Comic Con Rewind is a series of articles that weren’t published alongside the original coverage. We apologize for the delay and hope you enjoy! I was also a little hesitant to share the videos since I didn’t know that the video pauses while taking photos. Lesson learned. 

During San Diego Comic Con we got the opportunity to sit and chat with  Hugh Davidson, the Producer and Writer, as well as with the voices of Mike Tyson Mysteries: Rachel Ramras (Yung Hee Tyson), Jim Rash (Marquess of Queensbury) and Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson Mysteries features Mike Tyson, his adopted daughter, a friendly ghost, and an alcoholic pigeon who solve mysteries. Mike Tyson Mysteries is currently airing during Comedy Central’s Adult Swim. Please check out the show’s official website for time and details. If you’re curious to see what the cast had to say during San Diego Comic Con, then please read on…

Hugh Davidson (Producer / Writer for Mike Tyson Mysteries)

In the video above we sit and chat with Hugh Davidson the Producer and Writer for Mike Tyson Mysteries and discuss how the show got started. We even learned that Mike Tyson is a big fan of 80’s cartoons. The concept for the show sort of came from Mike and he also wanted to be in a cartoon. Mike Tyson Mysteries is geared towards parodying Scooby Doo and Mr-T like shows. The aim is to make the crazy elements seem relatable. The priority is more about that relatability than about solving the mysteries themselves. Everyone is pretty much unpredictable. Here, Mike’s volatility adds to the overall character, that whole dangerous feel. While the show is scripted, they do make alterations based on how Mike plays his parts.

And if you are wondering what about some of the Mike’s adventures, we learned that some times he does not even get to the mystery. Like when he has to make a commencement speech, and Yung Hee gets kidnapped. In another episode, Mike gets “Bird Lice” so he thinks he has to kick out the Pigeon (voiced by Norm MacDonald).

It’s funnier when they avoid the mystery-solving structure. But if you’re looking forward to seeing an animated Mike Tyson box, you will be sad to hear that Mike’s retired—now he wants to give back by solving mysteries. Additionally, if you’re wondering about guest stars, Hugh felt that the 80’s shows needed those guest stars to show up. Mike Tyson Mysteries doesn’t really need guest stars. There will be an episode with Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad where he is a wizard but that seemed about it.


Rachel Ramras (Yung Hee Tyson)

In the video above we sit and chat with Rachel Ramras who voices Yung Hee Tyson, Mike Tyson’s adoptive daughter. Through Rachel we learned what it was like to work with Mike Tyson as well as about her character: Yung Hee Tyson. His daughter is a sheltered kid that Mike takes care of while Marquess of Queensbury is like a parental figure.

Mike Tyson Mysteries sense of humor is more like a situational comedy. Everyone’s character is very specific: A young girl, a gross pigeon, Mike Tyson. It is more like a parody of Scooby Doo. Rachel contributes that to the writing. She thinks everyone is going to be how surprised on how well everyone delivers their part. The feel of the show is light in the sense that everyone is just trying to do better. It doesn’t get too dark or grim.

“We don’t necessarily make fun of Mike Tyson directly. There’s a mutual respect all around”, says Rachel. He’s been on board with pretty much every idea and plan that has been on put on the table.


Mike Tyson

In the video above we sit and chat with Mike Tyson and instantly ask him if he’s a scary guy. Additionally, we ask him about his inspiration behind Mike Tyson Mysteries. We go on to explore what makes Mike Tyson laugh as well as what his kids think about him and his notoriety.

When asked what made him want to be in an animated cartoon, Mike explained that he just wanted to be the best in whatever he does now. He grew up watching nothing but DC Comics. However, Mike Tyson sucks as mystery solving. But overall when compared to this other accomplishments, Mike Tyson Mysteries ranks very high. “I have done all kinds of entertainment, this is a big change from what I used to do. Much lighter now”, says Mike Tyson.

Jim Rash (Marquess of Queensbury)

In the video above we sit and chat with Jim Rash who voices the Marquess of Queensbury. We learn about the character as well as some of his favorite cartoons, if there is room for improvisation, if there are some things you like about voice acting as opposed to sitcoms or on-camera as well as his expectations when you came on-board with Mike Tyson Mysteries.