STM Goods MYTH 18L Backpack Review

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STM Goods MYTH 18L Backpack Review

Trying to find a stylishly comfortable backpack can be an arduous task. Some lack adequate pockets. Others are bulky and uncomfortable when packed. Enter the MYTH 18L Backpack from STM GOODS, a backpack that checks off all my needs. It’s spacious and comfortable when fully loaded. Let’s breakdown what makes MYTH 18L Backpack from STM GOODS so great.

Overall Design

The MYTH 18L Backpack features an ultra-sleek design and small profile. The backpack has water repellent coating applied to the fabric which helps protect the technology stowed away inside. The reverse coil zippers also aid in keeping moisture out while making it easy to go in and out. While unzipped, it can remain open without worrying about falling over. The back panel features a luggage pass-through that makes it handy stow the backpack atop of a carry-on. The straps are not entirely flat like in other bags. They are a bit elevated at the top which provides back support as well as promotes air flow.

Inside the MYTH 18L Backpack, we find a plethora of pockets as well as an integrated cable management system. The laptop protection is unlike any I’ve ever seen. The laptop pocket suspends away from the corners of the backpack through STM GOODS’ proprietary SlingTech. The extra padding and gapless corners suspend your laptop away from the edge of the bag, isolating it from the bump zone. Portable battery packs can discretely fit inside the backpack’s front pocket while charging your mobile device conveniently within the bag’s main compartment. Additionally, the lining inside makes it easy to wipe clean.

Tons of pockets make it easy to organize your belongings. A dedicated Airpod pocket allows for quick and easy access for your wireless earbuds. I found that my Sony wireless earbuds fit nicely within this Airpod pocket so you shouldn’t have to worry about it only fitting Airpods. There’s a place for your phone while it’s charging, your iPad, your writing implements, and notebooks. There are cable routers that allow you to organize additional charging cables which can increase the ability to charge a variety of devices while traveling. A fleece-lined pocket can safely hold a pair of eyewear or in my case a pair of sunglasses and Gunnars making it easy to grab or stow.

STM GOODS AR App Experience

Since we are aware that it is often difficult to find the right bag, STM GOODS has developed an AR app that takes the guesswork out of discovering the perfect backpack. Available for both iOS and Android, the Integrated Augmented Reality app allows you to test drive backpacks while in-store. Through the use of your mobile phone’s camera, you can scan an AR label on the bag and either explore or try-on the product. While exploring you can take a closer look at the bag’s features to learn more about the performance fabrics or the water-resistant materials. Rotate, preview the different colorways and even view in X-Ray mode to preview how items would fit within the bag. Through try-on mode, you can place a virtual version of the backpack on a friend’s back. Together you can ascertain if it fits your needs and personal style.


Bottom line, the MYTH 18L Backpack is a hit with me. It has a ton of pockets and compartments for my everyday items. The cable management system allows for convenient charging. The suspended laptop pocket allows for some peace of mind ensuring that your tech is not touching the edge of the bag. And most importantly, it’s comfortable. The ergonomic design provides excellent back support.

† Source: MYTH 18L Backpack Product Page

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