Review: Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart Backpack

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Review: Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart Backpack

I want to double back and tackle a backpack that I had originally planned to use on my trip to CES 2022. The Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack is designed to handle your short term travel needs, offering protection for your tech and a variety of storage options. The EcoSmart® Collection is a product Targus’ effort to reduce plastic bottle waste by using those plastics in the creation of bags like these. In a nutshell, GRS-certified plastic bottles are recycled, shredded into plastic chips, and are then heated and spun into yarn. That yarn is woven into the material that is then sewn into the fabric of the EcoSmart bags.

This specific bag model is made from 37 plastic bottles, so every bag made is a service for the environment. However, how well does it service your everyday travels?

Let’s dive into the $129.99 Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack to see what it brings to the table.

Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack Basic Specs

Dimensions13.98″ x 9.25″ x 20.47″
Weight4.31 lbs
Laptop Compartment(W x H)15.20″ x 10.25″ x 0.80″
Specs taken from product page.

Starting from the outside, the bag features handles on both the top and the side, in addition to its shoulder straps. You have a soft-lined valuables pocket near the top, a larger pocket closer to the bottom, and a center pocket that opens towards the side.

On the left side of the bag, you have a hidden water bottle pocket. Looking at the right side of the bag, you have the aforementioned side handle as well as a zipper that expands the main compartment’s capacity.

On the straps side of the bag, each strap has two adjustment points, granting you a good assortment of adjustment options. At the bottom of each strap, you have these sort of cable management bands that allow you to keep the straps neatly tucked. In addition, as you should expect from a bag of this size, you have a sternum strap for added wearing stability.

Diving into the inside of the bag, Targus’ 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler features two main compartments. One is geared towards storing your laptop and tech, while the main compartment holds clothing, larger items and everything else. Starting with the main compartment, this compartment opens up to fold the bag flat for easy packing and access. This compartment can expand its capacity from 35L to 40L by using the expansion zipper mentioned above, just as you would with most roller luggage. You then have compression straps on one side that helps keep this compartment’s contents tight and secure. While on the other side, you have three zippered pockets.

The laptop compartment features TargusSafePort® Sling Protection System, designed to keep your electronics secure during bumpy travels. One side houses the main laptop sleeve and a smaller tablet-sized sleeve. On the other, you have three more zippered pockets, offering even more organizational options.

As far as utility goes, TargusMobile Tech Traveler Backpack gets the job done in elegant fashion. The bag’s wide assortment of pockets and sleeves allow for plenty of content sorting options. As this is a large backpack, the bag’s adjustability between 35L and 40L capacities are especially handy. This adjustability allows you to only take up as much space as you need, such as when stowing the bag in overhead compartments.

The Mobile Tech Traveler’s straps allow for very comfortable wear, regardless of the amount of weight I was carrying. I was effortlessly able to find the right adjustments for my back and shoulders. For the sake of simulating a heavy load, I loaded the bag with three laptops, a headset, and my gym clothes for that day. Of course, the bag takes up a lot of space, especially when you fill it to its limits. It is an intentionally large bag. However, at least it remained comfortable throughout my commute to and from the office. On top of that, the bag sports a sleek and professional look to it, regardless of how full the bag is.

When it comes to storage, the Mobile Tech Traveler is hard to beat. Without even expanding the main compartment to 40L, I am able to pack my gym clothes, an over-ear headset, and two laptops with more than enough room to spare. With what I normally carry with me in a day-to-day commute, the bag still had plenty of space for a couple of days’ worth of clothes. Even the laptop sleeve is generously sized, allowing me to fit my Razer Blade 15 and a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with ease. With the shell that I keep my laptop in, the Razer Blade 15 alone expends up to 16 inches in size. Nevertheless, the SafePort® Sling Protection System kept the laptops tight and secure, even if I were to take up less space in the sleeve.

If I had received this bag in time for my CES 2022 trip, I have no doubt that it would have been my day-to-day driver in Vegas. Consider that Vegas in January can go from 60 degrees to 20 on any given day. It would have been handy to able to lug both a winter-ready coat as well as various layers of clothing. I would have been prepared to handle the drastic mid-day temperature transitions with ease. On top of that, I still would have had room to spare for including any additional hardware for use on the show floor.

The Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack is a very effective and solid bag. This is especially the case when considering its highly approachable $129 price point. It is the perfect bag for the modern day commuter that goes on 2 to 3 day travel spurts. The bag fits in most overhead compartments and keeps your contents secure throughout travel.

If you are in the market for a backpack for either day-to-day commuting or something to use for a weekend trip, this is definitely a bag to check out. Check out the Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack for yourself by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler XL EcoSmart® Backpack for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.