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SDCC 2013 – Introducing Loot Crate, It’s Comic-con in a box!

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Loot Crate Logo

Loot Crate Logo


Subscription boxes appear to be all the rage right now. From beauty boxes to children’s clothes, there seems to be a subscription box for pretty much anything. So when I started to see more and more people sharing their love for Loot Crate, a service that was geared towards geek and gaming culture, my interest totally peeked. I was lucky enough to sit down with the company’s founders, Chris Davis and Matt Arevalo, during San Diego Comic Con and chat about the highly popular subscription service.

Below is an abridged transcription of the interview which was conducted during San Diego Comic Con 2013. The full audio is also included below.

Dani, Royal Flush Magazine’s ‘Gamergal’: What is Loot Crate?
Matt Arevalo, Loot Crate Co-Founder: [Loot Crate is a] monthly subscription service for geek and gaming gear. [We] introduce subscribers to awesome brands that do everything from apparel to toys to chachkies to little gadgets each month around a theme.

Dani: How do you go about picking the different themes for each month?
Chris Davis, Loot Crate Co-Founder: Sometimes it’s based around a movie premier or video game release but it’s generally based off some of the top requests we have from the community. We keep it so that the theme is fairly general so that let’s us have an interesting mix of items within the box.

Dani: Yes! I saw other people’s unboxings on YouTube [showing off some] awesome mashups. How do you actually partner up with the different artist and brands?
Matt: So what we do is, we’ll kind of think of the theme and then we’ll build. So, we’ve been to a lot of these shows and we have a long list of partners we work with so as we come up with the theme we’ll kind of sit down as a team and figure out what other items fit well and kind of get a really good variety of different options for that crate.

Dani: When exactly did you guys start? It sort of feels overnight.
Matt: We’re less than a year old. Basically, we started at a Hackathon in LA called “LA Startup Weekend” about 11 months ago. So, we’re approaching our one-year anniversary.

Dani: When exactly will be your one year anniversary?
Matt: August 20th will be the anniversary of that first shipment.

Dani: Are you guys planning a special anniversary crate?
Matt: We have a really cool partnership for that box and then I’m sure we’ll throw in some fun extra items for the anniversary.

Dani: What do you have at the booth?
Chris: Examples of some of the items we shipped in the past and we are actually offering a show discount to anyone who would want to sign up here. We have a photo booth where you can have your photo taken where it will automatically email you the photo and add it to an album for our Facebook page. Then we’re just here to meet with other partners that we have to find new content, new items, new ideas we would be interested in including.

Dani: What’s the coolest thing you have seen so far [at Comic Con]?
Matt: There’s a company that does very detailed and full scaled items from games and movies and stuff like that. They’re like $500 plus which is alot for an item but they are really detailed and interesting. It’s kind of nice to see something that I’m used to seeing for hours and hours playing and then I can have it and it could be in my desk.
Chris: So, [Matt’s] a big Admiral Ackbar enthusiast. So there’s this gold replica of him as an actual admiral…It’s not allowed in the budget yet but we’ll have it in the office someday.

Dani: So what about you Chris?
Chris: Well, I just got here this morning so I haven’t had a real chance to really browse too much but we kind of think of the show as if we were attendees. We kind of discover things that will be in future crates so I think we’re thinking tomorrow will be our crazy scouting day. But this Spock ‘Game of Thrones’ design [at the Graphic Lab Tees booth] is pretty cool.

Dani: Any final thoughts?
Matt: We’re really excited to see what the next year brings. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without our community and how vocal they’ve been letting us know what they’re interested in and what they want to see. We have some really big announcements going on through the end of Summer and into the Holiday season, so I think it’s a really exciting time right now if people haven’t subscribed every month that goes by we’re not going to repeat an item. If there are people that didn’t get the 8-bit glasses or another item, well, they can’t. Those are gone. You know we might have some on our site but pretty much they are gone. So, for only twenty dollars a month including shipping, you know if this is the kind of stuff you are interested in then I really recommend people just grab it and give it a shot.

Chris: I remember when we were launching this eleven months ago, thinking: “This should be Comic Con in a box.” So, it’s fun for us now eleven months later to finally get to be here and see that kind of come to fruition.

Dani: Thanks again guys for giving us the opportunity to chat with you!

Full Audio of “SDCC 2013: Loot Crate Interview with Founders”
Listen to the full audio for “SDCC 2013: Loot Crate Interview with Founders”

Learn more about Loot Crate via the video below. And if you’re ready to sign up for Loot Crate, check out their official website for full details and pricing.