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Introducing PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters II PLAYMOGRAM 3D Figures

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Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore

Remember a little while back when I shared a sneak peek at the upcoming Ghostbusters™ II figures from PLAYMOBIL during NYCC 2018? Let me briefly recap for you, in case you missed it. PLAYMOBIL showed off their next wave of Ghostbusters II figures which includes an upgraded trap that displays a holographic ghost when used with their exclusive mobile app. These Ghostbusters II PLAYMOGRAM 3D figures are now available and I must tell you, it’s pretty sweet.

Each of the four available Ghostbusters characters features a special trap that when synced with the free PLAYMOBIL PLAYMOGRAM 3D app, the ghost trap projects a spooky ghost into a clear hologram cone. Also included are stickable silicone slime splashes, a removable proton pack, a proton wand, and a PKE meter. As with all PLAYMOBIL playsets, putting the figure together is extremely easy. In addition, the app is equally as easy to navigate through.



Simply install the PLAYMOBIL PLAYMOGRAM 3D mobile app for either Android or iOS and follow the on-screen prompts to see the ghost come to life right before your eyes! The ghost trap acts as a base for the hologram cone. Its rubberized bottom protects the smartphone’s or tablet’s display so there is no worrying about potentially scratching your mobile device. There is also an included blank card which can be folded and used as a darkening cover to better see the hologram projection in case you’re not able to use the app in a room that is dark enough.

Each figure is available now for $10.99 in the following variants, each wearing their Ghostbusters II outfit:

This is definitely a fun interactive toy for fans and collectors alike. I absolutely love the innovative new way to play. Being able to easily use your mobile device to render holograms while playing adds a whole new level to the fun.

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