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New York Toy Fair 2015: JAKKS Pacific Highlights

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New York Toy Fair 2015: JAKKS Pacific Highlights

3D Character Creator

The 3D Character Creator blew us away. With the 3D Character Creator you place these little skeleton pieces and these colored wax bars into the character creator. Then as you turn the center wheel containing the skeleton pieces, the wax melts over the pieces which you can then take out, put together and customize with stickers to create your very own action figures. With JAKKS Pacific currently having the licenses for the Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and DC Comics, you can just imagine how many figures you can customize and create on your own!

The all-new 3D Character Creator from JAKKS Pacific allows kids to design, create and customize their very own characters! The 3D Character Creator, which has a simple heating mechanism, melts down wax sticks and fills up the mold cavities to produce a unique character. Using the included skeletons, wax sticks, accessories and decals, there are many different character combinations that can be created. The 3D Character Creator is also expected to have an app, which will allow kids to create and customize animated characters who will interact with each other in their own world. Additionally, the app will function as a timer (and a way to pass time) for a child waiting for the character to be completed. (SRP $39.99, Ages 8+)


About JAKKS Pacific, Inc.

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAKK) is a leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products with a wide range of products that feature popular brands and children’s toy licenses. JAKKS’ diverse portfolio includes Action Figures, Electronics, Dolls, Dress-Up, Role Play, Halloween Costumes, Kids Furniture, Vehicles, Plush, Art Activity Kits, Seasonal Products, Infant/Pre-School, Construction Toys, Ride-On Vehicles, Wagons, Inflatable Environments and Tents, Impulse Toys and Pet Products sold under various proprietary brands including JAKKS Pacific®, Road Champs®, Funnoodle®, JAKKS PetsTM, Plug It In & Play TV GamesTM, Kids Only!®, Tollytots®, Disguise®, Moose Mountain® and Maui®. JAKKS is an award-winning licensee of several hundred nationally and internationally known trademarks including Nickelodeon®, Warner Bros.®, DC Comics and Saban’s Power Rangers®. DreamPlay Toys, LLC is a joint venture between JAKKS Pacific, Inc. and NantWorks LLC to develop, market and sell toys and related consumer products incorporating NantWorks’ proprietary iD recognition technology.