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New York Toy Fair 2015: JAKKS Pacific Highlights

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New York Toy Fair 2015: JAKKS Pacific Highlights

RC Hulk Smash and RC Mario Kart

JAKKS Pacific also unveiled new RC racers: RC Hulk Smash and the World of Nintendo RC Racer. The RC Hulk Smash is a racer that can’t be stopped! Perfect for any kids that love racing but hate the chore of stopping and running over to turn over cars that can’t run because they have turned over after a crash. With the RC Hulk Smash racer that is no longer a problem. Hulk gets himself out of any crash! The World of Nintendo RC Racer features two driving functions: an “Anti-gravity” hover mode as well as basic driving. It’s pretty neat to see Mario Kart outside of the video game realm.


Get Hulk power in your hands! RC Hulk Smash is a new and innovative remote controlled vehicle from JAKKS Pacific. The RC Hulk Smash lets kids control Hulk’s vehicle through obstacles or knock them over with his swinging arms. Hulk smashes, flips, spins, does wheelies and self-rights when turned over. Kids don’t just drive the vehicle around, they smash their way using Hulk’s massive arms, which can also be adjusted for different movements. Also included are a variety of Hulk phrases and sounds. (SRP: $69.99, Ages: 4+)



World of Nintendo RC Racer

Race around with the all-new World of Nintendo RC Racer from JAKKS Pacific! The Racer is a remote controlled vehicle that can rotate its wheels, while in motion or standing still, and drive in simulated “anti-gravity” mode which makes the Racer appear to be hovering — just like in the new Mario Kart 8 game. The World of Nintendo RC Racer can drift around corners and perform special tricks from up to 100’ away with a Mario figure at the wheel. (SRP $99.99, Ages 8+)