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Lego Cuusoo: Castle Crashers

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Lego Cuusoo: Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Lego
Earlier this year, Minecraft fans and Mojang petitioned Lego through their Cuusoo site for an official Minecraft Lego set.  The very idea spawned huge fanfare and the project was quickly supported and approved launching earlier this month.  Hoping to ride their success, The Behemoth and Cuusoo user Czar submitted a Castle Crashers Lego set based on the hit XBLA/PSN arcade game.

“Can you imagine all the knights in the Thieves’ Forest running away on LEGO deers? Maybe they could even include poop stickers… (One can only hope)”

-a official e-mail Behemoth sent me earlier today

I can only assume this means they’re on board, and I certainly would love to have these figures in my life. So help make both our, and possibly your, dreams come true and SUPPORT this project!

Lego Cuusoo Castle Crashers page