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Introducing TinkerBots

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Keeping with this week’s impromptu toy theme, I’d like to introduce everyone to TinkerBots—the toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that makes it EXTREMELY EASY to create your own robotic toy. I got a sneak peek at TinkerBots during an NYC event a couple of weeks ago and I was incredibly impressed with how simple it was to get a robot built and moving around without the use of an app to program our newly created robot.


So what exactly are TinkerBots? Simply put, they are blocks that when combined with TinkerBots‘ patented “Power Brain”, movable modules, passive pieces and even LEGO bricks through the use of a LEGO adapter, can create an endless array of robots without any programming necessary. Controlling your newly created robot is just as simple. Through the use of an integrated record-and-play button on the “Power Brain” module, you can train your robot to move whatever way you want. If you want even more control options for your robot, you would be able to remotely control your robot with a tablet or smartphone with the TinkerBots app.

To get a clearing image on what I mean, simply check out the video clip below.

How many ways can I say that TinkerBots is the perfect toy for parents looking to introduce their kids into robotics. Or even for adults, like me, to share my passion for robotics with friends and family with a fool proof building set that can get you started in mere minutes. In a word, TinkerBots is amazing!

TinkerBots is available for pre-order through!