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Jerry Only of The Misfits

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Jerry Only of The Misfits

How long does it take to become Jerry Only? Well it could be done in fifteen minutes, but usually I need a good half an hour.

Favorite Misfits song of all time and why?
“American Nightmare,” and “Astro Zombies” too. We did “American Nightmare” in the studio you know. Just made it up on the spot. We started playing and Googy jumped in with a beat. Very spontaneous, that’s why I liked it.

Least favorite Misifts song and why?
Spook City U.S.A., hahaha.

At Royal Flush we like to do word associations. I’m going to say a name and then you give me a one word answer.

RF: Vincent Price

RF: Glenn Danzig
Hahaha, not tall

RF: Vampira

RF: Vampiro
Haha, not hot

RF: Robo
Off beat

RF: Chud
Haha, my answer is Chud

RF: Graves
Good kid

RF: Dr. Death Steve Williams

RF: Bobby Steele
Good guy, nice fella

RF: Doyle
The best

RF: Joey Ramone

RF: Oderus Urungus
Hahaha, insane

RF: George W. Bush
Hahaha, insane too, I don’t know

RF: Jerry Only-

Interview by Josh Bernstein