Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day 2015: PJ McQuade


This Valentine’s Day, Samsung has curated a few products for the Fitness Fan, the Fashionista, the Music Connoisseur, the Gadget and Content Junkie as well as for the Road Warrior. Additionally, Best Buy is offering a 50% off discount on the White S-View Flip Cover and White Battery Pack bundle with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S 5 between February 1 and February 14.

Fitness Fan

Gear CircleValentine's Day 2015 Gift Guide: Samsung ($99)

The avid gym-goer will love the sweat-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled headphones. They can make and receive calls, send text messages and listen to music while never missing a rep.


Swarovski Crystal Battery CoverValentine's Day 2015 Gift Guide: Samsung ($149) and LED Flip Cover ($69)

Add some glitz and glam to your sweetheart’s Galaxy Note 4 with a Swarovski Crystal Battery Cover or LED Flip Cover. Every fashion-savvy Valentine will enjoy the color choices. The Swarovski cover is available in Purple and Black and the LED Flip Cover is available in Plum Red and Charcoal.

Music Connoisseur

Level OnLevel On ($179) & Level Box Mini ($99)

Share the gift of music with your musically-inclined significant other. They’ll swoon over the sound quality of the headphones and the portability of the Bluetooth speaker so they can listen to love songs anytime, anywhere.

Gadget Guru

Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Guide: SamsungGear S ($299)

For the person that needs the latest and greatest in tech, gift Gear S. Standalone carrier connectivity gives you important smartphone functionality without a smartphone – never miss a text or call from your sweetheart.

Content Junkie

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 ($399) and Galaxy Tab S 10.5 ($499)

The movie connoisseur in your life will love the mini theater experience available with the Galaxy Tab S. The rich, immersive display is the perfect excuse to cuddle up for a low-key Valentine’s Day rom-com date.

Road Warrior

Galaxy Note 4 ($149) and Galaxy Note Edge ($399)

Give the gift of multi-tasking to your traveling Valentine. The large display gives them ample room to do and see more. The S Pen makes it easy to write love notes in between sending e-mails and texts.