Looking for A Valentine’s Day Gift? Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headset Review

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Looking for A Valentine’s Day Gift? Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headset Review

Sound, Performance and Final Thoughts

The sound presentation of the Wearhaus Arc is indeed an enjoyable one. The acoustic seal of the Wearhaus Arc’s leatherette ear pads did their job, allowing us to focus on our music or movies with little to no sound leakage. Mid-range sound comes across nicely with vocals coming in clear. Percussion however is slightly subdued thanks to the strong presence of bass. I’m a fan of bass as much as the next guy, but the bass with the Waerhaus Arc could use some reduction. If you’re playing a song with prevalent bass, expect that bass to practically take over the listening experience. So, if you absolutely need a strong bass presence in your music, then the Wearhaus Arc will be a homerun for you.

The Wearhaus Arc will support firmware updates through USB or over-the-air, so hopefully there will be an update to allow for some EQ adjustments or sound balancing. Otherwise, the Wearhaus Arc allowed for an enjoyable listening experience with intuitive touch controls that are a breeze to pick up. I did appreciate the specific mention of upcoming updates for the Wearhaus Arc, which demonstrates a refreshing sense of commitment to preserving the lifespan of the headset. The Wearhaus Arc is sitting at a nice base in performance, so it’s only uphill from there.

The Wearhaus Arc did a fine job in handling the occasional phone call. Audio comes in nice and clear. However, outbound spoken voice was a tad muffled, forcing us to speak a little louder than usual through the Wearhaus Arc to be heard clearly. This is not intended to be a telecommunication device, but it does fine enough for those brief calls where you just need to get a quick word out. As such I would keep calls to a minimum with the Wearhaus Arc, and would suggest that you stick to what the Waerhaus Arc is intended for, audio enjoyment. It does just fine in that department.

When it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t mind suggesting the $199 Wearhaus Arc for the bass lover that’s looking for a very stylish wireless headset with sleek controls. In the looks department, the Wearhaus Arc excels, allowing the user to be as flashy or as quiet in appearance as they would like. The headset itself takes up a modest amount of room on your head, and does not have a bulky or overbearing presence. The Wearhaus Arc does need some initial breaking-in as the headset is a little tight out of the box. Once that hurdle is passed, the very soft leatherette headband and ear cups do a fine job maintaining an efficient grip, allowing you to immerse in casual wire-free listening.

Couples or buddies, that sit shoulder to shoulder watching movies on the go, would absolutely adore this product. Each person listening to the same media source without wires can now sit comfortably without worrying about snagging on one another. Once you’re done with your sharing, just connect back to your individual devices and go back to your own separate worlds. If you’re part of a pair that enjoys movie watching or listening on the go, or just a single person looking for a pair of bass-favoring Bluetooth headphones, then you should give the Wearhaus Arc a look.

Hint: This would make an excellent V-day gift, no? Wearhaus thinks so. They even have a Valentine’s Day special going on now, where you can save $100 when you purchase a pair of Wearhaus Arcs. If you caught this review in time, you may still have a shot to effectively get two Wearhaus Arc’s at the end cost of $150 each! Visit for more details.

† Wearhaus Arc review units provided by Wearhaus PR.