Looking for A Valentine’s Day Gift? Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headset Review

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Looking for A Valentine’s Day Gift? Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headset Review

Do you often find yourself watching a movie or listening to music with another person from a single source? You guys probably have to sit really close so that you can share a single pair of ear buds. Perhaps you do this often enough that you brought along a 3.5mm cable splitter, so each of you can listen in stereo. Either way, you’re sharing audio content with both persons being tethered by wires. In an age of saturated with Bluetooth headsets, this form of audio sharing can seem confining, not allowing the freedom that wireless listening allows. That is, until now. Enter the Wearhaus Arc, a wireless headset capable of sharing its audio with another headset wirelessly.

Build and Specs

Drivers 40mm neodymium dual diaphragm drivers
Frequency Response 20 – 20kHz
Sensitivity 108 dB @ 1kHz
Impedance 28.5 Ω
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 AptX codec
  3.5mm cable (included)
Battery 1200 mAh (Up to 16 hours)
Weight 300g

Starting off with the build of the Wearhaus Arc, you have yourself a wireless on-ear headset with touch controls on the right ear cup. The plastic headband houses a memory foam cushion with a leatherette skin. A somewhat softer version of this padding is also found on each ear pad, providing passive noise isolation. On the outside of each ear cup you have the Wearhaus “W” logo, with a micro-USB port and power button on the left, and a 3.5mm jack on the right.

Each ear cup also houses LED’s which can be customized to illuminate in the color of your choosing or to match the colors of your song’s album art. Using the onboard touch controls alone, LED’s can be swapped between basic color choices, have their brightness adjusted, or be turned off completely. Using the free app, currently available for Android and iOS, more specific color choices as well as additional lighting options become available to you.

As far as style and aesthetics go, the Wearhaus Arc has a nice sleek look that can be as subtle as you want it to be. Want to flare it up? Blast the colors you want the way you want to. Looking to be more inconspicuous? Shut off the lights and wear a headset that has a quiet yet attractive appearance, displaying simplistic logos without coming across as flashy or gaudy. Best of all, being an on-ear headset, the Wearhaus Arc sports a modest overall size and weight, not taking up much of your head or being too heavy to wear over long periods of time.

What may get to you at first, however, is the initial tightness of the Wearhaus Arc. The Wearhaus Arc may intimidate you with its vice-like grip when you put it on for the first time. While most headsets are their tightest out of the box, the Wearhaus Arc seems to need a bit more stretching out than others we’ve reviewed before you can reach optimal levels of comfort. So until you do, watch those glasses. Once you do stretch them out (carefully), the snug fit comes as a boon as it assists the noise isolation of the leatherette ear pads. Sound leakage inward and out is reasonably subdued, allowing for a pleasurable wearing experience.