Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset Review

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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset Review


After being introduced to the product by Turtle Beach at E3 2016, we got our hands on the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset. After several weeks with the headset, we finally have everything we needed for a nice and meaty review! So sit back and enjoy!


The Turtle Beach® Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset uses all-new 50mm Nanoclear™ drivers and a Pro Gaming mic with the same TruSpeak™ technology as seen in their newly announced Stream Mic. The Elite Pro also shows off innovations in comfort by using the new ComforTec™ Fit System, allowing you to adjust the tightness of the headset’s hold on your head. Also included are the Aerofit™ Ear Cushions and the ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System which give way where glasses frames comes in contact with ear cushions. It connects to your sound source via a 3.5mm jack and houses a small and simple in-line controller for volume and mic muting.


I’ll start off with sound since I plan to elaborate much deeper in the Elite Pro’s actual build. The Turtle Beach® Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset delivers a crisp and balanced audio presentation that you’d expect from a Turtle Beach flagship headset. The ear cups, which I’ll also dive deeper into, provide excellent sound isolation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself and just simply enjoy your sound source. If you have any means of amplifying the inbound sound of the Elite Pro, whether it be through the Elite Pro’s collection of optional accessories or otherwise, do it. You’ll always enjoy what you’ll hear through the Elite Pro, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not pushing the headset to its fullest sound potential.

As for the mic, outbound sound was picked up quite strongly and clear, allowing for clear communication with my teammates and friends. Being able to control the incoming volume was handy when it needed to be lowered or heightened in a pinch. The mic mute switch was as a handy as any mute switch would be, leaving my compliments only for how small and out of the way the in-line controller was.

Comfort and Build

I remember the first headsets in the Xbox 360 days, where comments leaned towards Turtle Beach headsets being a tad tight. It was sort of an evil that people accepted since the sound quality was so impressive. It is indeed refreshing to see Turtle Beach’s constant progression in the realm of comfort since then. As I had speculated back in our E3 coverage, Turtle Beach scored a hit with Elite Pro, making it the most comfortable headset they have put out to date.

Leatherette ear cup pads provide passive sound isolation but can start to feel warm or suffocating against your ears after long periods of time. Mesh or fabric ear cup pads tend to excel in comfort in that regard, allowing a more cool and “breathable” feel at the expense of some sound leakage. The unique “hybrid” pads on the Turtle Beach combine the benefits of both while combating the negative effects of each. Leatherette skin surrounds the outside of the pads, maintaining a nice acoustic seal. The front of the ear pads, which come in contact with your ears and head, are of a cool fabric skin covering a cooling gel.

The Elite Pro ear cups, that give you isolation without making your ears sweat, go even further with the ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System. It’s a surprisingly simple concept of giving the wearer the ability to control the pressure of the ear cushions around glasses frames. It’s so simple that I’m surprised it wasn’t done sooner. The ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System work exactly as intended, easing the tension around my glasses frames, allowing for maximum comfort while maintaining its acoustic seal.

The only snag with this system lies in how difficult it is to remove those very ear cups. The instructions don’t give you much direction beyond just telling you to do it and showing you which direction to twist. Since I had to for the sake of the review, I was able to remove the ear cup pads after applying the right amount of strength in my twisting. If I weren’t reviewing the Elite Pro, I’d have to admit that I would be a bit squeamish about applying that level of strength on such a prized possession. At the very least, it was a testament to the quality of the Elite Pro’s build, being tough, sturdy, and difficult to break. (Save some terrible rage quit meltdown, of course… 🙂 )


The comfort was further enhanced by the ComforTec™ Fit System, which allows for on-the-fly adjustment of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro’s tightness around one’s head. Using simple dials on the top of the Elite Pro’s frame, I set the tension to the lightest setting on each side. The Elite Pro remained snug on my head, without being too tight, and of course without snagging on my glasses. Excellent marks on comfort all around.

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