Samsung Galaxy S20 Protection Review: Speck & Zagg InvisibleShield

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Protection Review: Speck & Zagg InvisibleShield

So, you got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S20 and you are looking to suit your phone up for the outdoors. As self-quarantining continues to loosen up, you want to make sure your mobile companion is as ready for the outdoors as you are. Let me share a little bit about the two accessories that I have been using for the Samsung Galaxy S20 so far.

Body Protection – Presidio GRIP by Speck

I have been using and loving the Speck Presidio GRIP case in Coastal Blue/Black. Black and blue color skus tend to be my favorite with any appliance, so aesthetically this case hit a sweet spot with me. This case features a hard blue shell with black rubber lining. This lining is on the inside of the case as well as along the raised edges around your Samsung S20. The lining also wraps around the sides and back of the case, making your phone look especially sleek while dramatically improving your device’s overall grip-ability. This also makes single-handed use a breeze with this case.

The Presidio GRIP case is tested to withstand drops of up to 13 feet. The raised rubberized surfaces around the front and back of the case do a good job at keeping the S20’s camera and screen away from contacting flat surfaces. Best of all, in an age where the world is particularly aware of germs and unsanitary conditions, the Presidio GRIP case’s Microban protection is especially welcomed. Microban is a built-in antimicrobial technology that is constantly working to reduce bacteria build-up and growth on your case. If we did not care about bacteria growth on our cases before, we really should now. Luckily, the Presidio GRIP case gave me some extra peace-of-mind that I did not know I wanted.

You can check out check out the Presidio GRIP for the Samsung Galaxy S20, going for $39.95, by clicking here. They are even (currently) offering free shipping in the US.

Screen Protection – InvisibleShield Ultra Visionguard+ by Zagg

The InvisibleShield Ultra Visionguard+ has been my screen protector of choice for the past couple of months and I have no plans to change it anytime soon. From an aesthetics standpoint, the screen looks and feels great. Once fully applied, the Ultra Visionguard+ wraps nicely around the S20’s curved screen sides and stays put. The screen houses a protective Eyesafe layer that filters out the blue light that leads to eyestrain. However, it does this without skewing or distorting the color or definition of the S20’s display. You can enjoy the beauty of the S20’s display without any yellow tints.

Outside of protecting your eyes, the Ultra Visionguard+ gives your screen edge-to-edge protection from screen shatters. It even plays nicely with phone cases as seen here with the Speck Presidio GRIP case.

It houses self-healing technology that allow it to self-repair minor scratches. In addition, like the Presidio GRIP case, the Ultra Visionguard+ sports an anti-bacterial treatment that combats bacteria build up on its surface. The InvisibleShield Ultra Visionguard+ does all this while feeling smooth to the touch with its glass-like surface. The screen protector retains the screen’s slick touch sensitivity without that rubbery feel you would get from other “film” screen protectors. This of course is perfect for someone who plays as many games on their phone as I do. I had no issues with tap accuracy or sensitivity.

While all of this sure sounds great, the Ultra Visionguard+ knocked one thing in particular out of the park. Specifically speaking, it has the easiest installation process that I have ever experienced with any screen protector. It comes with a tray to hold your phone, which houses grooves that align the screen for a perfect placement.

No guesswork, reapplication, or shotty centering here. The installation kit allowed for an effortless and bubble-free installation that is still holding fine until this day. Top marks all around here.

You can check out the Zagg InvisibleShield Ultra Visionguard+ for the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, going for $44.99, by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Zagg Ultra Visionguard+ screen protector and Speck Presidio GRIP phone case for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.