Review: Urbanista Miami Wireless ANC Headphones

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Review: Urbanista Miami Wireless ANC Headphones

Urbanista is a Swedish brand of audio products designed for the urban lifestyle. Focusing on a Scandinavian design tradition, their products aspire to deliver enjoyable sound quality while showcasing a sleek look in an assortment of vibrant colors. The digital CES 2021 did not allow for the kind of product discovery that we were used to from past visits. So, an eye-catching product announcement like Urbanista’s Miami wireless ANC headset slipped right through our radar. Luckily, we were able to link up with Urbanista’s PR and get our hands on an Urbanista Miami to take through a proper review.

Let’s dive right into the Urbanista Miami for $149.00 to see what this headset is about.

Urbanista Miami Headset Specs
Driver unit:40mm
Bluetooth Version:5
Bluetooth Class:2
Support Profiles:A2DP1.3/AVRCP1.5/HFP1.6
Wireless System:2.4GHz
RF Range:2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Speaker:Moving Coil
Channel balance:±3 dB
Mic/Speaker frequency response:‘+/- 3dB @ 1kHz, +/- 5dB @ 300Hz~10kHz frequency
Frequency range:20Hz – 20kHz
Sensibility:107±3dB @1KHz
Mic Distance:0.5M
Battery Capacity:750mAh
Operating time:40 hours w/ ANC on, 50 hours w/o ANC
Specs taken from product page.

The Urbanista Miami comes in four chic color options: Midnight Black, Pearl White, Ruby Red, and Teal Green.

A purchase of the Urbanista Miami headset comes with the headset itself, a USB Type-C charging cable, a 3.5mm cable for wired use, an airplane adaptor, and a traveling hardcase.

Build and Comfort

The exterior of the Urbanista Miami features a soft and smooth plastic, with the Urbanista logo on the outsides of each ear cup. Soft and plush leatherette cushioning lines the padding on each ear cup and the bottom of the headband. The right ear cup houses three media controlling buttons and the port for the optional 3.5mm cable. On the left ear cup, you have a USB-C charging port and a button that toggles through the headsets three listening modes. On the inside of the right ear cup, you have the sensor that detects when you remove or put on your headset.

Controlling the headset is quite simple and straightforward. Going into the three media buttons, the higher button raises the volume and performs a “skip track” when held down. Likewise, the lower button lowers the volume and initiates a “previous track” when held down. The middle button is the “control” button which handles play, pause, main power and call handling. When you remove the headset, any ongoing media will pause, resuming automatically when you put the headset back on. All of these controls are easy to reach for and discern between, allowing for quick and effortless handling of media and phone calls.

Going further, the included 3.5mm cable also houses a standard mobile media control button as well as an imbedded mic. This allows you to use the Urbanista Miami for listening and communicating passively with your mobile device, even when the headset is powered off.

The Urbanista Miami is as comfortable as it is attractive. The headset wraps snuggly around your head without feeling tight or uncomfortably pinching glasses frames. The leatherette ear cup padding allows for some solid passive sound isolation, which works nicely in tandem with Active Noise Cancelation when it is in play. I particularly love the inclusion of hard cases for headsets as they provide confidence-inducing protection for your investments. Including one here, as the Urbanista Miami does, plays nicely in validating the $149 price point from a features and accessories standpoint alone.

Performance and Features

The Urbanista Miami headset does not disappoint with its sound performance. You get a good presentation of mids, with solid instrumentals and clear vocals. Highs are very clean allowing for crisp percussion, which lets the drums really shine during playbacks. There is a very noticeable lean on bass with this headset, as lows project a bit stronger here than the other ranges. However, that deep bass also comes across cleanly, staying strong without being muddy. Overall, the Urbanista Miami headset produces an enjoyable and impressive sound that stays consistent across the headset’s various listening modes.

Jumping into those listening modes, you have Active Noise Cancelation (ANC), Ambient Sound, and a “default” mode. The Ambient Sound on the Urbanista Miami is not as pronounced at some of the other headsets I have covered. However, it definitely gets the job done as you can hear traffic and passersby while you walk the streets. I would not employ it if I wanted to have a quick chat. If you need to have a quick conversation, the On Ear Detection function plays the best here. Pulling the right ear cup away from your head pauses your media and placing your headset back on resumes play.

The ANC on the Urbanista Miami is quite solid. Not only does it not alter the sound presentation of whatever you are listening to, but it does a very good job at suppressing ambient noise. I found myself taking the Urbanista Miami to my local bar where I tend to watch some Mets games. Whether I was listening to my own music, or the sounds of the game using either the MLB or Tunity apps, when that ANC was on, my background did not exist.

You will take notice of some louder sounds, of course, such as car horns or nearby yelling. However, overall you can still remain comfortably immersed in your media.

Each of these featured listen modes can also be used when the headset is used with the included 3.5mm cable. Simply connect to your wired audio source, power on the headset, and toggle to the listening mode of your choice. This broadens the usability of the Urbanista Miami, as you can make full use of its features on airplanes or wired-only devices.

The headset also handles calls well with its onboard mic. Taking on calls outdoors and in noisier settings might overwhelm callers on the other side of the line, but for the most part they can still hear you well enough to maintain communication. Of course, handling calls indoors works well with no issues otherwise.

Final Thoughts

The Urbanista Miami delivers great style and quality at a very appropriate and approachable price point of $149. You have headset that is comfortable to wear and turns heads with its sleek style and colors that pop. If you are a fan of bass, you will love the presentation that the Urbanista Miami delivers. If you do not, the presentation is still clean and balanced enough that you will still like what you hear.

As far as functionality and included accessories go, the Urbanista Miami is ready for the bulk of your various listening and traveling scenarios. It is a good thing that the headset is as comfortable as it is. Up to 40 to 50 hours of usage from a full charge is bound to hold you over for the long haul. Taking the Urbanista Miami with you for a weekend getaway? Well, you may not even need to recharge the headset at all for the duration of your trip.

If you are looking for an affordable wireless headset with the mainstream headset features of today, good sound, and an attractive appeal, then the Urbanista Miami is a headset you should check out. Check out the Urbanista Miami for yourself by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Urbanista Miami wireless ANC headset, and some stock product images, for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.