Review: 1More Comfobuds Wireless Headphones

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Review: 1More Comfobuds Wireless Headphones

1More has recently released the Comfobuds and Comfobuds Pro, offering a pair of considerably cheaper alternatives to Apple’s AirPods. The Comfobuds counter the AirPods while the Comfobuds Pro combat the AirPods Pro while offering 1More’s own brand of Active Noise Cancelation. Here, we will take a look at 1More’s first iteration of this competitively priced product, the $59.99 Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones.

Let’s dive right in.

1More Comfobuds Base Specs
Drivers13.4 mm Dynamic Driver
Speaker Impedance30 Ω
Weight3.8g (Earbud), 28.9g (Case), 36.5g (Gross)
Earbud Dimensions39.25 x 17.92 x 18.7 mm
Case Dimensions68.7 x 30 x 25 mm
Battery35 mAh (Earbud), 410 mAh (Case)
Charging Time85 Mins (Earbuds), 80 Mins (Case)
Music Playtime4 Hours (Earbuds), 18 Hours (Total)
Bluetooth® (5.0) Range10 m
Frequency Range2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz
Specs taken from product page.
Build and Comfort

At $59.99, a 1More Comfobuds purchase lands you the Comfobuds earbuds, a charging case, and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. Coming in at a featherlike weight of 3.8, utilize a “semi in-ear” design as they rest 13.4mm dynamic drivers in your ears.  Just as it was with the 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones, these drivers are tuned by Grammy Winning Sound Engineer, Luca Bignardi.

The Comfobuds are ready for the outdoors, sporting an IPX5 rating of water and sweat resistance. Each earbud features sensors for detecting when they are in your ears. By default, media pauses whenever an earbud is removed from your ears and resumes automatically when both earbuds are put back in. You also have double-tap and triple-tap controls available on the earbuds, which you can use for controlling media or activating your mobile device’s voice assistant. Lastly, you have four ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) microphones that are designed to suppress sounds in your surroundings while focusing on your voice during calls.

Coming in both black and white, the 1More Comfobuds sport a simple and clean look. In their case, the Comfobuds take up practically no space at all due to the case’s small and slim form factor. Earbud cases are already generally and expectedly small, so it is pretty impressive that the Comfobuds case is this much smaller than the norm. Just look at how it compares with the case for the 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones.

With that slim form factor, you have to imagine that you will not have the same level of features as other earbud cases. You do not get wireless Qi charging or the level of superfast charging you would see in the 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones. However, you still have USB-C charging that gives the Comfobuds up to four hours of play time after 85 minutes of charging from the case.

Finally, you have the comfort. The Comfobuds indeed live up to their name as they feel almost non-existent in your ears. These earbuds induced no wearing fatigue whatsoever do to their ridiculously light weight. Double-tapping or triple-tapping the earbuds to control your media was par for the course, being an easy control to engage. What you get in one of the gentlest earbud-wearing sensations, you may also get in angst. Depending on how rigorous my activities were at times, I would feel as if the earbuds are ready to fall out of my ears. Surprisingly enough, that never actually happened. However, the earbuds always gave me a feeling that they were less secure than they actually were.

This could have just been a mental hurdle that I personally needed to get over. Still, I could not help the sense of nervousness I get from doing anything more aggressive than a light jog with these earbuds. That said, it is that very light and gentle wearing sensation that solidifies the “comfo” in Comfobuds. If you want comfort more than anything else in your earbuds, you definitely have it here with the 1More Comfobuds.

Performance and Features

While the semi in-ear design of the Comfobuds get the job done in the comfort department, you should not expect to have much sound isolation.  That makes these earbuds perfect for outdoor strolls where you need to be aware of your surroundings. However, if you are looking to block out the world with these earbuds, know that environmental sounds will leak in as you enjoy your media. However, whether I was outdoors or inside with the TV on, it was not too disruptive to my listening experience.

As far as sound performance goes, the Comfobuds delivered clean highs, strong mids, and good lows. Percussion came across crisply, and vocals as well other instrumentals in the mid range played very well. With these earbuds, I felt a more of lean on the highs and mids than I did the lows. However, bass is still plenty present throughout music play. Overall, the sound presentation on the Comfobuds is very solid, which is quite impressive for a $59.99 headset.

The 1More Music app keeps it simple in the features department but gives you what you need. The app gives you a means for firmware upgrades, offers a quick product guide, and allows you to customize playback and tap controls.

You can tweak the Smart Playback feature, which handles how the Comfobuds behave when you remove or wear the earbuds. You can also determine what double and triple taps control on the headset. As soon as I got to this screen, I was quick to set my triple taps to handle forward and back track. This gave me what I generally want from any Bluetooth headset, the ability to fully control the flow of my music tracks. Seeing how I could just reach into my pocket to control volume from my Samsung Galaxy S20’s volume buttons, this simply felt like the most straightforward setup for me.

The four ENC microphones on the Comfobuds do not disappoint, as I was able to easy handle calls outdoors. As I walked the streets of New York City, call participants on the other end commented that they heard me clearly throughout the entirety of our calls. Whenever a loud vehicle drove by, call participants were able to clearly hear the vehicle, but not to an extent where my voice was even remotely drowned out. As such, the Comfobuds get top marks for call clarity, both inbound and out.

Final Thoughts

Coming in at $59.99, the Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones are a respectable counter to Apple’s $159.99 AirPods listing. You have solid sound quality, full media control options, and voice assistant controls if you are looking to use Siri or some Android equivalent. Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods give you up to five hours of listening on a full charge while the Comfobuds give you four. However, the Comfobuds one-hour less playtime is a tradeoff that one can swallow if you are saving up to $100 in total cost.

If you are looking for a product that has the look and feel of Apple’s AirPods, but those $159.99 or $199.99 price tags are too rich for your blood, give 1More’s option a gander. You get good sound, some practical features, and most of all high levels of comfort. Check out 1More’s Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones for yourself by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a pair of 1More Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.