Omnicharge Omni 20 Smart Powerbank Review

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Omnicharge Omni 20 Smart Powerbank Review

The 3-Prong Outlet and Final Thoughts

Let’s not forget what stopped me in my tracks in the first place at CES 2017, that 3-prong outlet that the Omnicharge units house. The outlet is deactivated by default and is toggled on by pressing that plug-looking button in the front. Now, there’s plenty of things that the Omni 20 can power under that 100W boundary. Seeing the Omnicharge units at CES power monitors gives you an idea of the possibilities.

Omni 20

However the Omnicharge’s security features do well to ensure that you only use reasonable appliances in its outlet. If you have an appliance that you want to use in the outlet, just take a quick peak at its bottom or back for its power requirements to ensure that it plays nicely with Omnicharge. Here’s a quick example with the Omni 20 giving a go at powering a desk fan vs an Epson projector.

The “Air King” here was easily powered and blasted air (like a king J ) at its highest power. The projector powered for just a split second before the Omni 20 detected that power requirements were over the Omni 20’s limits, causing the Omni 20 to disconnect itself (internally). It was kind of expected and was a successful test of Omni 20’s overflow protection features.

Final Thoughts

I personally love the Omnicharge Omni 20 for its versatility alone. The Omni 20 is able to handle a myriad of portable charging needs and even comes with a set of common adapters to help ensure that you’re covered. Its ability to charge or power three devices while it charges itself makes it great for stays in hotel rooms where outlets are sometimes scarce. Its convenient and compact design discourages you from leaving it at home, even when you’re just commuting between work and home.

The LCD screen lets you know exactly where you stand with the Omni 20 at any given time. It gives you accurate estimates of its charging state, battery levels and lifespan. Having the Omni 20 tell you how long it thinks it will last with its current workload is very handy. With such valuable info, you have a better estimate of how much charging you can get done before you absolutely need a wall outlet.

Now while the Omnicharge Omni 20 is a smart charging powerhouse, it is also quite the investment with the $300 price tag. The first concern that would give me pause with such a price point is “what if I fry it?” Omnicharge does well to dilute that concern with its suite of built in protection measures. If you plan to use the barrel port, then you most likely have in mind what device you plan to charge with it. A simple one-time adapter check or google search is not a steep request at all for a user who most likely plans to charge the same things every time. The Omni 20 options even have a “use last voltage” option in case you forgot what voltage you used last.

Sadly for us, we were not able to test the Omni 20’s wireless Qi charging feature, as the Samsung users amongst our colleagues all had the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is incompatible with the Omni 20. This is most likely due to preventative changes Samsung made with their latest flagship to avoid the issues seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We also didn’t have any solar charging devices handy to try out with the Omni 20, as it can reportedly be solar-charged as well.

Even so, I am very impressed with Omnicharge’s Omni 20 and would suggest it to any heavy traveler or heavy tech user on the go. It is a powerful and convenient device that takes out all of the guess work or mystery that many power banks today have, with their simple LED indicators. It is an excellent and solid travel companion that lives up to its price point. If you have a heavy need for portable power that you can depend on, that protects itself and your devices, and that gives you a solid play by play of its status, then you absolutely NEED to check out the Omnicharge Omni 20.

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