Omnicharge Omni 20 Smart Powerbank Review

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Omnicharge Omni 20 Smart Powerbank Review

More Features and Performance

In this package, Omnicharge gives you an Omni 20 powerbank, an AC adapter, and practically every barrel port adapter you could imagine needing for the main electronics and laptops of today. The Omni 20 even keeps with the times by including Apple Macbook and Microsoft Surface adapters.

Starting off with the USB ports, each USB port is a fast charge port, with one of the ports incorporating Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0. Both ports work as efficiently as expected with the Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 port excelling. I was able to rapidly charge an HTC 10, housing a 3000mAh battery, from %7 to full battery in just about an hour, all while the phone was powered on. These results did not change much when I had a Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 headset charging simultaneously in the other port.

Although, while charging two devices via USB whilst charging the Omni 20 itself via the barrel port, the Omni 20’s fan started spinning loudly.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that much louder than what a portable terabyte hard drive sounds like when it’s powered on and working hard. So even though the Omni 20 sounded like it was about to take flight, the unit itself stayed cool. If touching it wasn’t enough of an indicator, that handy LCD screen confirmed that all was well with the temperature. Not to mention, the unit is supposed power itself off anyways if it did hit an abnormal temperature. Either way, our various charging endeavors didn’t push the Omni 20 hard enough to trigger that failsafe.

Speaking of the barrel port, we couldn’t wait to try out its outbound charging. It’s a pretty powerful feature of the Omni 20, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here is where you need to do some proper research on the devices you want to charge as even the Omni 20 itself warns you that improper voltage can damage your personal devices. What you have to do is either take a look at the adapter your device uses or check online to confirm your device’s charging voltage. Once you confirm this, you have to navigate the Omni 20’s menus to assign a voltage to the barrel port. This then activates the port for use, allowing you to plug in the adapter that connects your device to the Omni 20.

So we gave it a go with the barrel to Microsoft Surface adapter. Some quick research showed that the Surface Pro 3 charges at 12 volts. After a just a few menu hops, the necessary voltage assignment, and saying “yes” to the “Are you sure?” warning the Omnicharge displayed, the port was ready to go. I allowed the Surface Pro 3 to get down to 8% before I plugged in the Omni 20 via the barrel port Surface adapter. Hurray for charging!

While continuing to use the Surface Pro 3 for music streaming, the Omni 20 was able to bring the Surface Pro 3 back to a full battery in about 2 ½ hours, right before the Omni 20 itself expired. Also, the timer next to the clock icon on the mid-right of the screen accurately assessed how long the battery lasted given the task at hand.

When it came to recharging the Omni 20 itself, it took somewhere between 2 ½  and 3 to recharge itself to full capacity. Not a back charge time at all for a 20400mAh battery.

That was pretty impressive. Considering that the Surface Pro 3 handles 5 hour airplane trips between the east and west coast easily, the Omni 20 increased that life span by about 1.5 times more. This is taking into account the time of charge and how much battery drainage non-stop article-writing and/or movie-watching tends to do to the Surface Pro 3 in my travels. Huge points goes to the Omni 20 in travel resilience and usefulness.