myCharge HubMax Universal Review

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myCharge HubMax Universal Review

Warmer weather often means more time away from home. Maybe even more time away from a charger. Portable charging solutions are usually the way to go. Since we’ve previously reviewed a few myCharge products here, let’s check out myCharge’s latest: the HubMax Universal.

The new myCharge HubMax Universal 10500mAh power bank has integrated AppleĀ® Lightning™ (iPhone) and USB-C cables. It also includes a USB charging port, adding the ability to charge devices that are not USB-C or lightning compatible. As with all of myCharge’s HubPlus line of products, it comes pre-charged and includes built-in wall prongs, making it effortless to recharge. All you need to do to charge the HubMax Universal is plug it into the wall.

Similar to the HubPlus C, the integrated USB-C cable uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 for high-speed charging of mobile devices. Typically, recharging my Samsung Note9 finished in about a little over an hour whenever the phone’s battery was at 30 percent. Super convenient whenever I need to charge my phone in between events.

HubPlus-C with HubMax Universal

For my iPad Pro, it was a bit of a different story. I was unable to fully charge the tablet on a single HubMax Universal charge. Typically, I was able to charge the tablet from 20% to 88% in about an hour and a half. This is often good enough for me since I lost my lightning cable ages ago. I can only imagine the results for an iPhone might be similar to my Samsung results. You might be able to get multiple charges out of a single power bank charge depending on your charging habits.

The integrated lightning and USB-C cables ensure that you’ll never be caught without a charging cable ever again! Suitable for tablets, smartphones, and USB devices, the HubMax Universal is the ultimate solution for anyone with mobile power needs. It is especially great for those that love the convenience of the integrated charging cables, or even for folks that might occasionally misplace their charging cables.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to check out the myCharge HubMax Universal 10500mAh power bank on their official website.

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