Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover Review

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Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover Review

With our Samsung Galaxy S9 review up, now is as good as time as any to talk about one of the Galaxy S9’s accessories. The Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover is a folio style case for the S9 that features a transparent front for displaying various notification and controls. You can field calls, control music tracks, and see reminders as well as notifications from the screen. If you are looking for a case for your S9 that gives you access to quick controls and takes care of screen protection at the same time, then the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover might be worth your time.

Let’s dive in.

Snapping in the S9 into the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover is very simple, with the case giving you much more resistance when trying to remove the S9 than it does when you are trying to put the phone in. The S9 snaps into a sort of silicone shell that exposes the buttons on the sides as well as the ports on the bottom.

Around the sides and back, the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover provides the kind of coverage you would see in most shell cases. The volume controls and Bixby button along the left are completely covered when the S-View cover is closed, with the buttons still being accessible by pressing them through the case. Along the right and bottom, you have openings for the power button on the right and the S9’s various inputs on the bottom. On the top you have just a small opening for one of the S9’s two mics.

The back of the S-View case has an interesting leatherette finish to it. Not only does it add another layer of protection on top of the shell, but it gives the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover a nice little leather wallet look and feel. The extra cushioning flashes the Samsung logo and puts more space between surfaces and the S9’s prized possession, that coveted low-light camera.

When both closed and open, the S-View case does a nice job at maintaining the sleek aesthetic of the Samsung Galaxy S9. When closed, you have a glossy front cover that protects the screen while flashing the time by default. When open, the cover folds effortlessly around the back of the phone, allowing you to use your phone normally with no gripping issues whatsoever. The silicone sides alone allow for easy griping of the S-View case. The leatherette back as well as the rubbery back of the cover further assist in ensuring that you have a solid grip on your S9 at all times. With this S-View Cover, I cannot imagine the S9 slipping out of your grasp anytime soon.

A nice subtle feature of the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover is its ability to fold into a stand, allowing you to stand your S9 in landscape mode. The S-View case expands out into three parts, allowing you to rest the left side of the silicone shell onto the rubbery back of the cover. With the silicone shell and the back of the cover both being rubbery in nature, you have a very solid stand that does not knock over easily. In this “stand mode”, the S-View allows you to securely stand the S9 anywhere between 90 and 70 (or 110) degrees. I tried mildly slapping the S9 about while it was in this “stand mode” and the phone merely slid around, never collapsing or falling over.

As for the notifications and controls, I did like what I saw and used, overall. The most common functions of controlling music and fielding incoming calls was pretty straightforward. When calls came in, you had a display that worked pretty much how the standard S9 lock screen interface worked. Sliding pick-up or hang-up controls was easy enough thanks to the slick front of the S-View Cover.

The music controls also worked well, although I wish the on-screen controls were a little larger. There is so much space on the front of the S9 and the S-View Cover, so Samsung had plenty of opportunity to explore a larger control interface that still maintained the sleek appeal for which they constantly strived. Additionally, it seems as if any music-playing app worked with the S-View case as long as the app itself supported functionality that allowed you to control music tracks from the lock screen. I have been using Poweramp for years and I was still able to use it with the S-View case while the case was closed.

I only had two minor gripes with the Galaxy S9 S-View Cover, which had me wondering if I was simply spoiled by previous cover cases that I used in the past. The one gripe I had with the notifications was the inability to peek at them from the closed S-View Cover. On HTC’s Ice View case, you can peek at the content of notifications that you allowed the case to show on the cover. Sure, they displayed a bit large, but it was better than nothing. Perhaps HTC had some patent on this feature that dissuaded Samsung from employing it here.

The second gripe may have been simply unavoidable for a cover case that is designed to open on the right like a book. With the S9’s volume controls on the left of the device, and with the way the S-View Cover opens, you end up with the volume controls being partially inaccessible when the case is in its “stand mode”. Presumably, if you are using the S-View Cover to stand up your S9, you are most likely watching videos. The most common control’s you would reach for are the volume controls, which are now out of view. Would you rather be able to access the power button while your phone is on its side, or would you rather be able to reach the volume controls?

Sure, it is up to the user to decide which they would prefer. However, it just made me think how nice it would have been to have volume controls readily available, especially since the stand is so secure, you can press the buttons without worrying about knocking over your phone.

Those minor gripes aside, I have to say I’m enjoying my time with the S-View Case. It is definitely one of the more attractive cover cases that I’ve used and it gets the job done when it comes to call handing, reminder managing and music controlling. Not to mention, the way the S-View Case folds into an sturdy stand is a very nice touch.

If you’re looking for a cover case that looks and feels great while extending functionality to your Samsung Galaxy S9, give the Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover a look-over here. The Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover comes in Blue, Black and Violet, with versions for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus also available.


† Samsung Galaxy S9 S-View Cover provided by Samsung PR for review. S-View Cover non-watermarked stock images taken from S-View Cover product page.