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BlendJet 2 Smoothies & Frozen Cocktails & Guac, oh my! | Review

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BlendJet 2

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a review in a while. The BlendJet 2 is a neat little blender that I didn’t realize I was missing all my life. The original BlendJet was highly popular due to its compact size and portability. So, when I was approached to give it a try, I couldn’t pass it up. However, I also didn’t expect to fall in love with it so quickly. So let’s check out what makes the BlendJet 2 so special in my eyes and possibly a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

The BlendJet 2 is lightweight and portable with a 16-ounce capacity. It features three base modes: Blend, Pulse, and Lock. The Blend mode is perfect for smoothies, shakes, and mixed drinks. It’s a twenty-second cycle that makes quick work of frozen fruit, nuts, and ice. Pulse mode is perfect for guacamole, salsa, and hummus. It is pretty much the mode for dips. And finally, there’s Lock mode where you can lock the blender to prevent the blends from spinning. This is the recommended mode for those who prefer to use their BlendJet for drinking or while traveling.

Honestly, I only found myself using the Blend mode. Smoothies were surprisingly quick and easy to make whenever the mood struck for one. I rarely cook or snack on chips, unfortunately, so I cannot comment on how the Pulse mode performs. That said, as I mentioned before whole nuts and ice were not a problem for this blender. In twenty seconds you can have a fully blended smoothie ready to go.

It is super easy to clean as well. Simply add a drop of dishwashing liquid to some water, blend then rinse. Viola! Clean within a matter of minutes. However, it is important to note that the BlendJet 2 is not recommended to be used in a dishwasher. The entire blender can be taken apart for deep cleaning if needed, where you can simply leave the entire device alone to air dry.

I really enjoy using the BlendJet 2. I found myself making about 10 shakes before having to charge the blender. According to the packaging, this is about five less than the estimated 15 blends. However, this might be due to all the cleaning cycles I was doing in between shakes. All in all, not bad since it only takes about an hour for the BlendJet to be fully charged.

There are a few caveats that I found. While being touted as quiet, the BlendJet is definitely quieter than a standard blender but not as quiet as you might initially expect. I also seemed to have encountered issues where ice would cause the blades to get stuck. This could be easily remedied by turning the entire blender upside down and shaking to dislodge whatever was stuck in the blades.

Summing it all up, I really recommend the BlendJet 2. It’s compact, lightweight, and packs a punch. It charges quickly, is easy to clean, and more importantly blends drinks in 20 seconds flat.

It’s available now for $49.95 at Additionally, I highly recommend checking out their recipes as well.

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