A Monster Selfie Packed Mardi-Gras Review! Monster Selfie-Case & Powercard Turbo Reviewed

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Monster Selfie-Case Review
Monster Selfie-Case Review
So my journey begins with padded pockets. The Monster Powercard Turbo in one and an iPhone with a non-sticky but sticky on some things Monster Selfie-Case in the other. First up, the cab to the airport. The Monster Selfie-Case case was actually able to stick impressively well to that awful television screen in the back of every cab.
Monster Selfie-Case Review
Once at the airport and after having made it through the pleasant and wholly necessary ‘assume the position for freedom’ security screening, we drank to forget where they touched us.
Monster Selfie-Case Review
Do you see the unbridled joy in my eyes as I begin to realize the potential? Apologies to the gentleman who wasn’t quite finished as I was making my discovery. Note to self: Discover less in public bathrooms.
Monster Selfie-Case Review
Waiting to be picked up at the airport when we realize that the phone sticks to street signs. That’s my good friend Haley posing with a killer whale.
Monster Selfie-Case Review
The phone sticks to car windows as well! Here we are celebrating the open container laws in St. Louis. Very civilized!

Overall this case allows for some truly ridiculous photos:

Thank you St. Louis for some truly weird memories! And thank you Monster for helping me capture it in a suitably weird way!

Monster Selfie-Case Review
Overall, I give this case a selfie thumbs up.

To learn more about the Selfie-Case, please visit the official website.
To learn more about the Powercard Turbo, please visit the official website.

† The Selfie-Case & Powercard Turbo were provided by Monster for review purposes.

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