A Monster Selfie Packed Mardi-Gras Review! Monster Selfie-Case & Powercard Turbo Reviewed

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Monster Selfie-Case Review

The main feature of the Monster Selfie-Case is that it’s a selfie case. What does that mean? Well, it’s all in the title really. Monster has created a phone case which is able to stick to glass and not to anything else. You can stick your phone equipped with the Monster Selfie-Case to a window or a mirror and stand back while your phone snaps away at you. Thankfully most smart phones have a handy little timer on them so that you have enough opportunity to get into whatever dumb position you’ve decided would be a good idea for a selfie. And that’s the other thing I need to mention, not only have I never had a phone case before but the few selfies I’ve taken (not for Tinder, who would do that) have made me cringe afterwards (apparently everybody and okay I signed up for Tinder) and I rarely take them even when I do have a moment worth recording.