A Monster Selfie Packed Mardi-Gras Review! Monster Selfie-Case & Powercard Turbo Reviewed

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Monster Selfie-Case Review

A review of the Monster Powercard Turbo and Monster Selfie-Case—conducted over a long weekend trip to St. Louis for the Mardi-Gras.†

The Monster Powercard Turbo has a good feel to it. Compact and sturdy. There’s a nice button on one side which when pressed shows how much battery is left. Up to three bars light up depending on the amount of juice remaining, so while it’s not very granular, it is better than many of it’s competitors. It comes with a USB to Micro USB cable which is what you use to recharge the Monster Powercard Turbo and which can be used to charge your device if you’re not an Apple Fanboy like myself. Being an Apple fanboy, I had to make sure that I carried my iPhone cable with me like a note from my mother. The pack and the cable lived in my front pocket the entire weekend where my keys usually live which was convenient because while in St. Louis nobody was going to trust me with machinery or property anyway. I’ve used other battery packs before and none of them have had as much charge as this the Monster Powercard Turbo, it was able to fully recharge a dead iPhone 6 and still have one bar of juice left.

The utility of a battery pack becomes pretty clear when you’re going on a three-day bender during Mardi-Gras. I, however, have literally never had a case on any of the iPhones I’ve owned since my first one in 2008 because I’m an Apple fanboy and I can’t compromise the design vision of the great black turtle neck in the sky and actually I’ve never dropped one anyway. I’ve never had a cracked phone screen in my life. I know, it’s a superpower.