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STM Bags Cable Wrap Review

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STM Bags Cable Wrap

There were many moments of awe during CE Week but when the folks at STM Bags introduced us to the Cable Wrap, we were really intrigued. The STM Bags Cable Wrap is a space saving cable management system that makes packing all your troublesome cables a breeze. I used to loathe having to pack all of my power and computer cables when packing for a conference.I never used to remember where I placed all my cables. Battery packs would be in one place while chargers were in another. Clearly, I never had a cable management system. However, once I started to use the STM Bag Cable Wrap, I was honestly impressed and looking forward to having all my electronics in one convenient package.

It has several compartments of varying widths and deeps. The STM Bags Cable Wrap has a few mesh compartments that make it easier to stow away items like charging cables, SD cards and camera battery packs. All other compartments are made of expandable elastic that makes it easier to fit power cords or cables of varying sizes. None of the compartments are labeled so the configuration is totally up to you.

Once everything is safely stowed away within the STM Bags Cable Wrap, you can simply roll the Cable Wrap up ,┬álock, and you’re done packing. It’s surprising how compact the entire cable wrap is when rolled up as well as the impressive amount of cables and things that you can stow away inside. Below is an example of the wrap in action with of all the cables and random electronics that I brought along with me to San Diego for Comic Con.


The STM Bags Cable Wrap is available now for $24.99. If you are interested in learning more about the STM Bags Cable Wrap, you can check out the official STM Bags website for additional details as well as details on where to buy.