Sony Electronics Adds Three New Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones to the 1000X Family

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Sony Electronics Headsets 1000X

Last month, Sony Electronics announced three wireless headphones with noise cancellation technology. These new additions enable listeners to escape the noise and focus on the music they want to hear with the headphone style of their choice. Whether your headphone style preference is in-ear, behind-the-neck, or around-ear, Sony Electronic’s new additions to the 1000X line might be worth a look.

Let’s check out a quick description for each of the new headsets before delving deeper into each one.

  • Go truly wireless—The WF-1000X is completely free of wires and fits snugly in-ear while incorporating Sony’s industry leading noise cancelling technology–a first for Sony.
  • The WI-1000X is designed for commuters and others that prefer the behind-the-neck style for listening to music while on the go.
  • The WH-1000XM2 is an enhanced version of the popular around-ear style with more options to tailor the sound to your environment.

Also available on all three models is the new Sony | Headphones Connect app. The app allows users to easily control and customize their headset through their smartphone (iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later). With Adaptive Sound Control via the Sony | Headphones Connect app, the headphones will adapt to the listener’s surroundings which is enabled by Sony’s SENSE ENGINE™4 that gives you the power to tune in and out of your music at a touch.

We are very proud of our new lineup of flagship premium noise cancelling headphones. These new models provide listeners with industry-leading noise-canceling technology in the headphone style they prefer, enabling everyone to escape the noise and fully immerse themselves in their music.
Dunja LaRosa, Director, and Head of Mobile Audio at Sony Electronics†

Source: Sony Electronics Press Release

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