Hisense Unveils the Sero 7 Tablets

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Hisense Unveils the Sero 7 Tablets


On May 23rd in New York City, Hisense introduced their contribution to the crowded Android tablet market and explained why the Sero 7 series of tablets deserve our attention. They pulled no punches by teaming up with NVIDIA and Walmart to ensure their attack is a little more than a just a jab at their competition. The two tablets shown were the Sero 7 LT and the Sero 7 Pro. Each tablet displays respectable specs. But the true kicker is that the retail prices of these products will be $99 and $149 respectively.

Lets dive in and see what exactly they packed into these very affordable packages.

Sero 7 LT

• 7″ Touch Screen (1024 x 600)
• Powered by 1.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
• Android 4.1 Operating System (Jelly Bean)
• Google PLAY Certified
• 4GB Internal Memory Storage
• 0.3 MP Front Facing Camera
• Wi-Fi Built-in (802.11a/b/g/n | 2.4GHz)
• Micro SD (up to 32GB) | Mini HDMI | Micro USB Ports
• 3.5mm Headphone Jack | Stereo Speakers
• 3400mAh Battery | 170 Hour Standby Time | >4 Hour Battery (movie)
• Hisense Smart Remote

Looking to get grandma into the digital age? Or maybe trying to get junior to sit still at an affordable price? A Jelly Bean powered dual core tablet should do the trick. With an SD slot for expandable memory and an HDMI out port, it already begins to tug at the Nexus 7’s heart. Sure, a dual-core processor and a single 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera is not exactly ground-breaking, but consider who you are buying this for and much you spent to impress them. And it becomes that much more accessible as it is sold at retail exclusively by Walmart for only $99.

Sero 7 Pro

• 7″ High Definition (720p) IPS Touch Screen (1280 x 800)
• Powered by 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30 Quad Core Processor
• Android 4.2 Operating System (Jelly Bean)
• Google PLAY Certified
• 8GB Internal Memory Storage
• Dual Cameras – 5.0MP Auto Focus Rear with Flash | 2.0MP Front
• Wi-Fi Built-in (802.11a/b/g/n | 2.4/5GHz)
• Bluetooth Enabled (3.0+EDR)
• NFC (Near Field Communications) Enabled
• Mini HDMI | Micro SD (up to 32GB) | Micro USB Ports
• 3.5mm Headphone Jack | Stereo Speakers
• >10 Hour Battery Life (Browser) | >7 Hour Battery (movie) | 4000mAh
• Hisense Smart Remote

Here comes Hisense’s 7 inch power house powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor (using 4-Plus-1 to efficiently improve battery life). Like its “LT” companion above you still get the mini HDMI out and expandable memory. But here your 7-inch package is more complete with NFC, Bluetooth (3.0), and now dual cameras with the back-facing 5 megapixel camera having flash. There’s the second attack on the Nexus 7, completing this apparently one-two punch. With both the Sero 7 Pro and the Nexus 7 having the reputable gaming/video processor, the Tegra 3, you can pretty much start ignoring the Nexus 7 at this point. Here you have a tablet with everything and more for a still cheaper $149 (also sold exclusively at Walmart).

SeroPro3 SeroPro2

We also NFC’d ourselves a picture we took using the back facing camera of the Sero 7 Pro here so you can judge the quality for yourself. (Click the image to see it enlarged)


These tablets are definitely head-turners in an otherwise saturated market. Looking into a 7-inch Android tablet? Hisense put some work into making you look their way. And the strongly feel that you should going by this Q and A snippet directly from Hisense:

Q. “How do you feel the Sero 7 PRO stacks up against competitor tablets? ”
A. “The Sero 7 PRO features cutting-edge tablet technology at a highly competitive price and also competitive features. With a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8GB of on-board memory, dual cameras, mini HDMI, SD and USB ports, 10 hours or more of battery life and built-in NFC, just to name a few, we believe the Sero 7 PRO is the hottest tablet on the market.”