Samsung Unpacks The New Gear S

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Samsung Unpacked - Gear S

While the focus of the Unpacked event was on the Note 4, Note Edge and Gear VR, Samsung’s wearable offerings got a nice shot in the arm as well with the Gear S and Gear Circle. The smart watch revolution, while ushered in by the Pebble, truly hit its stride with Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear which made the concept of wearing a smart watch more mainstream. Since the release of the first Galaxy Gear, Samsung has refined its tech and made the smart watch more and more useful. The Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit offered smart watch solutions for various customers. Samsung even played nice with Android Wear and made another Gear device for people looking for the Samsung design yet want it powered by Google’s Android Wear platform.

Samsung took it a step further with the Galaxy Gear S which removes your smart phone from the equation. How does it do that? The Galaxy Gear S comes with a dedicated SIM card that gives the user 3G connectivity to get access to notifications and even make calls. The 2-inch curved AMOLED display makes the device less bulky and more streamlined. The larger screen makes reading notifications easier and even allows the user to type. I will add that if you have big fingers it will make for an interesting experience.

Samsung Unpacked - Gear S

The Gear S does not only have a 3G radio, but also has bluetooth and WiFi. The Gear S ditched the camera, which was nice to see, and in doing so made the band more comfortable.

Check out the event photos below to see the Gear S as well as size comparisons against the Pebble smartwatch.

I definitely think that the Gear S is a true step forward for the Gear line but I know pricing will decide how successful it is. I will say that high quality watches are not cheap, so bear that in mind when deciding if this device is for you. The Galaxy Gear S arrives in stores this October. How do you guys feel about the latest incarnation of the Galaxy Gear? Share your thoughts in the comments.