Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

 Overall Thoughts


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ and (by extension) the Galaxy S6 Edge are fine flagship devices for Samsung. If there’s anything that would push the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy S6 Edge past its competitors, it’s definitely the camera and display. This curved design is different from other curved device variants in the market today and it effectively increases the screen size without adding more overall bulk. The camera on the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+, as mentioned before, is nothing short of exceptional. Excellent color and light capturing even in low light scenarios are backed up by a solid image stabilizer which takes the bulk of effort away from the photographer. Still want to dive deeper in your camera’s options? Pro mode is there to handle the more particular image capturing needs. Not to mention, the camera is ready to shoot literally within a second of pressing the home button twice.

The display on almost any Samsung device nowadays is expected to be top notch. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ does not disappoint here. Samsung took the already beautiful display, rich with color, from the Galaxy S6 Edge and made it larger. On top of that, the screen displays brightly and sharply even in brightly lit settings.

The functions of People Edge and Information Edge more so than Edge Lighting and Night Clock reinforce the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Being able to access the People and Apps Edge from any app is a nice touch for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ over the Galaxy S6 Edge. However, as all of these functions are just software. I wouldn’t be surprised if the base Galaxy S6 Edge gets them as well in some software update in the future, just speculating. If you are used to using your mobile device for controlling your TV and other IR-ready devices, you may be stung in the fact that the Galaxy S6 Edge+ does not have an IR sensor. As a matter of opinion, I didn’t consider this to be a big blow to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ as a whole.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy S6 Edge are wins for Samsung. Whether you prefer a device with a 5.1 inch screen or one with a 5.7 inch screen, either of these devices will not fail satisfy your needs. If you are looking for the best out of the two devices, then the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the way to go due to its generally better specifications. You’ll just have to settle without the 128 GB option or IR blaster, two factors that don’t do much to take away from an otherwise excellent device.