Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

 Features and Usability

The Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+’s unique take on the curved screen does more than simply add screen real-estate. Utilizing the curvature of the screen, Samsung has introduced the People Edge, Edge Lighting, Night Clock, and Information Edge.

The People Edge is a tab that hides on the side of your screen which grants you quick access to your favorite contacts that you can assign as you please. A simple pull on the tab shows you your favorites, allows you to contact them immediately, or shows you if you received or missed any form of contact from them. This feature works in tandem with the Edge Lighting feature which illuminates the sides on your phone when it’s face-down and a favorite you assigned is calling you.

Plus”es and minuses here. I like the People Edge function and found it to be intuitive and useful. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ expands past the Galaxy S6 Edge here in that it now allows you to access the People Edge from any app, not just the home screen. Contacting your more important contacts is now easier than ever. Going beyond that, an additional swipe against the People Edge grants you access to an Apps Edge where you can station your favorite apps in a similar fashion. If like to keep your home screen as neat as possible, without having to dive into your apps list, this function works quite well.

The Edge Lighting didn’t thrill me too much. So you don’t want to be distracted by your phone and you place it face down. But if a favorite calls, you want it to be as distracting as possible. Honestly, people are more than likely to keep their phone face-up in a subconscious attempt to keep their screen safe. Otherwise, the phone would be away in a pocket or bag. Nice effect, but I felt it pales in comparison to the following functionality the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ gives you when its face-up with the screen off.

That leads into the Night Clock and Information Edge features. The Night Clock is somewhat self-explanatory in that it dimly displays the time on the “off” screen after a certain time that you can determine. It’s not bad at all as it’s a function I use on other devices, using 3rd party Google Play apps, especially when I’m travelling. You can take or leave this feature. The Information Edge can be as practical as much as you would want to be covertly informed. Subtle swipes along the sides of the screen show you news, stocks, sports scores or things of the like, as provided by Yahoo.


I actually didn’t mind the Information Edge too much. I can see its practicality when you just want to check the score of a game you’re following when your phone’s on the table and you don’t want to be too rude to the people around you. Simple gestures on a phone that appears to be off is more inconspicuous than picking up your phone and swiping away as someone is trying to talk to you. The curvature of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ allows you to see the Night Clock and Information Edge from the side while your phone is on its back. This is not bad at all as it sort of kills the need for you to get a stand for your Galaxy S6 Edge or to prop it upward to see updates.

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