[Review] Tylt Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone Cases

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[Review] Tylt Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone Cases


When you think about it, your Samsung Galaxy 3 is a rather expensive investment. Couple that money you spent on the S3 with a quick search on YouTube and you can get extremely afraid of what a single drop could do to your phone. At this year’s CES, we saw a ton of cell phone cases. Some were worried about making your phone looking shiny. Others were about protecting your cell phone but were extremely bulky. Then came TYLT. During CES, I was intrigued by their lineup that included a line of S3 specific cases that appeared to be a perfect marriage of the two. A few months back I received a few TYLT S3 cases and have put it through it’s paces†.

Let’s check out what I thought…



It’s often hard to restrain yourself to just one case sometimes. For those that like to switch up their S3 cases routinely, might be interested checking out in the TYLT BUMPR case. It’s a single split case that slides onto your S3 and is enclosed with one of the two different colored bumpers included. To switch up the look of the case, simply switch the enclosing bumper on the case. While this might be easy, the difficult part comes if you ever want to remove the entire case. It feels almost as if the main split case that encases the phone is stuck on which makes it difficult to remove the overall case from the phone.

However, even with that said, the case is extremely durable. If you are someone that often accidentally drops their phone from time to time, the TYLT BUMPR case will definitely protect from most falls. It is also the same size as most durable cases that are found on the market today. While some might find it bulky, I found the case’s size to be similar to other cases I have tried.


  1. Two bumpers for the price of one
  2. Easy to install
  3. Extremely durable
  4. Nice feel


  1. Extremely difficult to remove once installed
  2. Might be considered bulky by some

• Available for purchase through TYLT’s website for $39.99 in Blue and Red.




If you’re a single case kind of a person that still seeks protection for their S3, then the TYLT ZIGZAG case might be for you. Unlike the TYLT BUMPR, this is a single case and no additional bumpers. It does, however, provide a similar shock protection for your S3 while being a just as slick and stylish. The TYLT ZIGZAG case is similar to any other phone case since all you have to do is snap it on. Afterwards, your phone will be protected from everyday dropping accidents. Some might find it a little bulky and not thin enough to be called sleek but I’ll gladly recommend using the TYLT ZIGZAG case to protect the S3.

The only glaring drawbacks are that the case is prone to finger print remnants since it’s covered with a shiny coat and it’s also really difficult to remove it you tend to reach to remove your battery often. You have to be extremely careful when removing the TYLT ZIGZAG a little bit more than with the TYLT BUMPR.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Sleek
  3. Interesting pattern
  4. Durable


  1. Finger print prone
  2. Extremely difficult to remove once installed

• Available for purchase through TYLT’s website for $34.99 in Blue, Green and Red.




I really wanted to like this battery case. It looks sleek, the kickstand was a really nice feature that I miss from the HTC Evo days. The power button was more accessible but less sensitive unlike the Power-skin case that I normally use with my Galaxy S3. However, unlike the Power-skin case, the bulk was sometimes unbearable in my pocket. In addition, TYLT ENERGI Power Case was harder to take off and put on. I needed a penny or my building’s access card to pry the case off. I actually tend to swap cases quite frequently depending on the need. When I’m traveling I use a battery case and on the weekends I tend to stick with a thinner case.

Since the case is made of piano plastic, the finger prints were inevitable. Being familiar with the material, I didn’t really care but I do know a great number of folks out in the general populous would. One thing that puzzled me was the fact that when I held down the power button for two seconds, the case would stop charging but when I released the button soon after, the case kicked in again. This happened constantly. It was as if I had to time the release of the power button just right to avoid having to turn the case off again. The biggest deal breaker for me was the fact that NFC signal could not pass through the case. I use TecTiles quite frequently during my commute to and from the office. It’s a ritual that takes place twice a day everyday during the business week.

As I’ve already stated, I really wanted to like the case. It looks nice, it’s solid, packs a big 1800mAh battery and a kickstand. It’s too bad that a number of small flaws and one big one kept me from having a positive experience with the ENERGI Power Case.


  1. Clean aesthetics
  2. Kickstand
  3. Easy Access Power button
  4. Solid Feel


  1. piano plastic is a fingerprint magnet
  2. NFC signal cannot pass through the base
  3. Power button will not consistently turn off the battery case
  4. Adds significant bulk to the phone
  5. Kickstand will not stow flush to the case
• Available for purchase through TYLT’s website for $79.99.

† Products were provided by TYLT for review purposes. Images and product information were provided by TYLT’s official website.