Review: Logitech Keys-To-Go Travel Keyboard For Apple Android and PC

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Review: Logitech Keys-To-Go Travel Keyboard For Apple Android and PC

Are you looking to do some writing on the go, but you rather leave the laptop or even tablet at home? Well, Logitech may have an answer for you with the highly portable Keys-To-Go Bluetooth keyboard. The Keys-To-Go keyboard is designed for use with Apple and iDevices. However, the keyboard also sports compatibility with PC and Android devices. After seeing it in action at a Logitech event, I was curious to see how it would hold up with non-Apple devices. So, I decided to run lean with a couple of articles, including this one, as I used the Keys-To-Go with a Samsung Galaxy S10!

Let’s dive into the Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard.

The Logitech Keys-To-Go is designed for use with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The Keys-To-Go is rechargeable via micro-USB, lasting up to a ridiculously long 3 months before requiring another charge. The keyboard is spill-proof and features very quiet keys, making it perfect for even the quietest of scenarios. It has a thin, low-profile build and comes with an optional attachable stand for your iPhone.

The Keys-To-Go features a series of Apple-centric hot keys and media controls for quick access to the most common Apple and mobile functions. However, here I’ll focus on its usage with Android. Using the Keys-To-Go on the Samsung Galaxy S10, I was happy to find out that all of the rudimentary quick functions that I would use in Microsoft Word still work fine. As expected, Ctrl X, C, and V performed cut, copy, and paste functions just fine on the Android device. All of the media controls from “back track” to “volume up” on the upper right worked like a charm as well.

Feeling ever-so-confident with the Keys-To-Go, thanks to the keyboard’s spill-proof nature, I decided to take a couple of write-ups to the local bar. Productivity with refreshments!

The keys on the Keys-To-Go are pleasantly soft to press. The key presses have the feel of a rubber chicklet key over a rubber dome. Despite its compact size, the Keys-To-Go was surprisingly simple to develop muscle memory for, allowing me to type articles like this one at a comfortably fast rate. Having the basic copy-and-paste functions coupled with media controls made typing on the Samsung Galaxy S10 an enjoyable and seamless experience. I simply connected a Bluetooth headset and the Keys-To-Go to my phone, and I was just typing along comfortably while listening to music. Having those media controls right there made changing music tracks while typing all the more accessible.

At $69.99, the Logitech Keys-To-Go is a very nice and approachable solution for the typist on the go. Putting the iDevice-exclusive functions aside, you still have a very solid assortment of quick-access functions available to you on PC and Android devices. I particularly like the inclusion of the optional phone stand, which was able to hold my Galaxy S10 at the perfect viewing angle for me, even with the phone’s protective case still on. If you’re looking for a quiet and compact typing solution for travel, Keys-To-Go is a solid purchase at reasonable price. Take a look at the Logitech Keys-To-Go, coming in 4 colors, for yourself here.

Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard provided by Logitech PR for review.