Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Review

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Review

More on the Features

All of these functions worked exactly as intended, which you should expect with the BackBeat PRO 2 being a sequel to an already well-established product. What allowed for a more user-friendly experience with the function-heavy BackBeat PRO 2 lays in the new button layout. Controlling incoming media? Everything you need is on the left cup, with tactile indicators showing you where the center, side and wheel controls are. Have a call? Slap the only button on the right of the BackBeat PRO 2 to pick up and hang up calls. Controls were so simple to pick up that I barely glanced at the manual.

If there was any confusion at all, it would be in the minor vagueness on that mic-controlling 3-position switch. There’s no real labeling, so you would have to know that you flick the switch up for open mic and down for Active Noise Cancelation. Fortunately, you wouldn’t be confused for long since the BackBeat PRO 2 will give you vocal queues when you toggle Active Noise Cancelation, mic mute, open mic and many other useful points of info. At worse, you would toggle this switch in the wrong the direction and correct it within 2-3 seconds. Like I said, minor.

Going deeper into those fancier mic functions, it’s interesting to see that Plantronics actually improved on the Active Noise Cancelation. With previous models, activating this function would lead to a noticeable loss in bass from whatever you were listening to. Sure, you got excellent suppression of outside noise, but you wouldn’t want it to affect your music as well, would you? This problem was resolved with the BackBeat PRO 2, as I was treated to effective noise cancelation without any noticeable dip in sound quality.

Open mic is handy when you want to quickly hear your surroundings while your headset is on. Aside from the fact that it works quite well, I could take or leave this feature. The reason for this is lays in the existence of yet another prominent BackBeat feature, the automatic pausing of the incoming music when the headset is removed. If someone is trying to talk to you in person, I would be more inclined to remove the headset, or part of it, to engage them. Not only does removing the headset mute your BackBeat PRO 2, but it shows the other person that you’re listening to them. With open mic, you would then have to tell them that you can still hear them, leading to a potentially awkward convo.

This is not a knock at all to the quite functional open mic feature. But as I hinted at in our BackBeat PRO+ and BackBeat Sense reviews, it’s just one of two means to the same end.

All in all, all of the features from the BackBeat PRO and BackBeat PRO+ are back and better than ever in the new BackBeat PRO 2. Control layouts are even more practical, and a key feature in Active Noise Cancelation was even improved. Plantronics didn’t hold back with their latest flagship, and it showed.

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