Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review

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Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review

Final Thoughts


PlantronicsBackBeat PRO+ means serious business and comes in a top-tier product price of $300. You have a collection of accessories and functions that meet if not come close to validating the price point. The headset is quite stylish even when its stowed away. The functions are intuitive and useful. Even if I felt the Active Noise Cancelation was an above-and-beyond utility, I said that as a credit to the headset’s natural sound isolating ear cups.

The passive acoustic seal of the ear cups is not only very effective but also surprisingly comfortable. You’re immersed in your own world where it’s just you and Plantronics’ 40mm drivers. Not to worry because those drivers deliver in a big way with a balanced and fulfilling sound presentation that’s both crisp and warm. With the new USB dongle, the BackBeat PRO+ challenges you to sign up with a proper music steaming service if you haven’t already. You can now experience Plantronics’ presentation of hi-fi sound wirelessly.

That said, you’ll truly maximize this purchase if you listen to hi-fi sound on your PC. Otherwise, you may just want to look at the BackBeat PRO, without the hi-fi dongle, if you’re enticed by everything here but the hi-fi streaming. The BackBeat PRO+ is for the music or media enthusiasts that want one of the best sound presentations they can get wirelessly that is also easy to travel with. If this is your desire, then you won’t be disappointed with the BackBeat PRO+.

Check out the BackBeat PRO+ for yourself here.

† Review unit provided by Plantronics