Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review

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Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review

Sound and Performance


Sound presentation is powerful and vibrant with the BackBeat PRO+, as you should expect with an upper tier level headset such as this one. Mid-range sound, specifically percussion and vocals are excellent – crisp and clear. Bass and low range sounds come across strong without even a hint of muddiness. The ear cup design forms the perfect seal, allowing you to experience all of the various ranges clearly without having to blast the volume to deafening levels in order to enjoy your listening. You’re in your world, enjoying every minute of it.

You’ll get your best listening experience with the use of the USB dongle as opposed to using the 3.5mm cable. With the USB dongle you’ll be able to hear sound as raw as possible, allowing you to experience the sound as it was created and intended. Here is where you can use the BackBeat PRO+ to enjoy high fidelity sound from music services capable of CD quality presentation. Sure, if you had a wired USB digital sound processor, you may be able to get this level of experience when using the 3.5mm cable. However, if you don’t, the wired listening experience will be at the mercy of the device you have it connected to.

That is to say, you can still absolutely have an enjoyable listening experience when wired with the BackBeat PRO+, as I did. Just know sound presentation won’t be at its fullest potential. The BackBeat PRO+ drivers are exceptional. The more you use the wireless USB dongle or even Bluetooth transmission, the more you’ll experience the best the BackBeat PRO+ has to offer.


Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) is pretty handy and works as expected, even though ambient noise is already strongly suppressed by the BackBeat PRO+’s natural passive sound isolation of the ear cups. When music is playing even at a moderate volume, it’s quite difficult to hear the outside world. I did, however, notice drop off from the bass when ANC was switched on. The listening experience is still enjoyable, but it’s marginally less “fulfilling” as it is with ANC switched off. While ANC’s off, you get more of that immersive vibrant bass that feels as if it surrounds you. That said, with an already effective passive sound isolation in place, only use Active Noise Cancelation if you prefer the complete suppression of ambient noise at the cost of the warmth from the bass.

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