Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review

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Plantronics BackBeat Pro+ Review


Remember when we reviewed PlantronicsBackBeat SENSE headset back in August and how we went on about how much we loved it? Well, now it’s time to go “top shelf” with Plantronics and give a look at their latest high-end product in the form of the BackBeat PRO+. The BackBeat PRO+ takes what you may have seen in the BackBeat PRO and BackBeat SENSE headsets and goes even further, supporting hi-fi audio streaming from your PC. Plantronics’ answer to music-lovers that want as much audio detail as possible from a wireless headset is here. So let’s dive into the Plantronics BackBeat PRO+.

Build, Look, and Feel

PlantronicsBackBeat PRO+ has the same physical design as it predecessor, the BackBeat PRO, but has a new gray/silver color scheme. The BackBeat PRO+ comes in contact with your head with soft memory foam under a leatherette skin that resides on both the head band and ear cups. The head band extends and retracts aluminum arms for adjusting to varying head shapes and sizes. The ear cups house 40mm drivers and swivel to allow the headset to fold flat for easy stow-away or for wearing around one’s neck.

As for the interface from the headset, the headset whispers spoken alerts to you in up to fourteen different languages. Such alerts include: Volume maximum, volume minimum, device connection statuses, and power statuses and levels. When charging, there’s LEDs in the right ear cup that indicate the level of charging and turns off when charging is complete. A complete charge will give you a whopping 24 hours of listening, so you’re not going to find yourself charging the BackBeat PRO+ that often.BackBeat_Pro_Plus_14_marked

The BackBeat PRO+ has a sleek look to it and is a dream to wear. While heavier than the latest Plantronics release of the BackBeat SENSE, the BackBeat PRO+ is still light in its own right. Wearing this headset for entire days at the office never lead to any noticeable fatigue. The headset remains comfortable for long periods of time while maintaining a secure hold on your head. The ear cups gently yet efficiently seal around your ears, passively allowing you to immerse in your music with little to no distraction. It’s almost unfair that Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) is even an option for a headset with this level of passive isolation. Nevertheless, we’ll dive deeper into that ANC later.

I actually appreciate that Plantronics changed the color scheme with this “revisit” to their BackBeat PRO. All-black headsets are all over the market. So why not break up the monotony with a subtle bit of color? This headset looks good and feels good.

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