Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless Earbuds Review

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Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless Earbuds Review


After reviewing the BackBeat PRO Plus, RIG 500E and the RFMAG Holiday Gift Guide featured BackBeat SENSE, it’s safe to say that we were eager to see what Plantronics had to show us next. The latest Plantronics announcements on April 6, 2016 came in the form of the Voyager 5200 and the BackBeat GO 3. PlantronicsVoyager 5200 is their latest in high-end wireless business communication while the BackBeat GO 3 is the newest addition to their highly-portable music enjoyment line. This time around we’ll look into the BackBeat GO 3, what it brings to the table and how we feel about it! Review time!

Specs, Build and Comfort


Drivers 6mm custom dynamic drivers
Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 102 dBspl/mW @ 1 kHz
Sound Isolation 20 db passive noise reduction
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Weight 19 g/0.67 oz
Battery Rechargeable, 6.5 hours of listen time
  Charge time (maximum) 2.5 hours
Connectivity Micro USB, Bluetooth v3.0
Range Up to 33 ft/10 m from phone or tablet

On the outside and on paper, you have a nice standard pair of Bluetooth ear buds. But as the 3rd version of the BackBeat GO, you have to expect a little more in the package than “standard”.


Off the back you’re supplied with the basics: a BackBeat GO 3, changeable ear bud tips in small, medium and large, a charging cable and instructions. In the version we’re reviewing here, the BackBeat GO 3 also comes with a snazzy carrying case that doubles as a charging case.

As far as builds go, the BackBeat GO 3 keeps it sturdy, simple and comfortable. The wire connecting the two ear bud drivers houses the media controller and mic on the closer to the right ear bud. The wire also doesn’t snag easily. The BackBeat GO 3 utilizes a nano-coating by P2i, a company that focuses on water resistance for electronics.  It’s not at water resistant as a fitness headset, like the BackBeat Fit for example. However, knowing that there is some water resistance helps to keep one at ease when using a product like this.

The BackBeat GO 3 enters your ears and stays put using both the ear bud tips and rubber stabilizer flaps. You’re instructed by the manual to use ear tip sizes that allow the BackBeat GO 3 to both enter your ear canal and seal out any spaces. This is more for the efforts to form a proper acoustic seal than it is for comfort. The comfort comes from the assistance from those rubber stabilizers. The stabilizers allow for the BackBeat GO 3 to rest comfortably in your ears without depending on the ear tips themselves to do all of the anchoring.

From a comfort standpoint, the BackBeat GO 3 is as comfortable as ear buds can be. The stabilizers are very soft and gentle as they extend outward in your ear to hold the unit in place. The BackBeat GO 3 stays sturdily in your ears even during the more rigorous of motions. Although not intended to be a fitness headset like the BackBeat Fit, I even took the BackBeat GO 3 through three sweaty hourly gym sessions to vet its stability and comfort throughout. Excellent marks all around.