R.A.G.E Review: Moto 360

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Moto 360 Review

Bottom Line

The Moto 360 is a first gen offering from Motorola and for a first-generation device they did a lot of things right. While the bezel could have been a bit thinner and the band easier to change, overall the watch was surprisingly solid. Motorola stepped their game up construction-wise and the Moto 360 truly looks like a genuine timepiece and not a toy like some of its competitors.

The customizable watch faces add personality to the device and I recommend you invest the dollar in the Facer app to add more faces including the extremely popular Goldeneye style face. The Moto 360 is definitely not the “perfect” smartwatch, but it comes close with its unique design, premium build quality and ease of use. The price may turn away some, but one must consider that good watches from reputable manufacturers are not cheap. (I also have to throw out there that the Apple Watch will be retailing for $350 when it hits stores next year.) If you are looking for a more “grown up” time piece and don’t want to be trapped in the Samsung ecosystem then I recommend giving the Moto 360 a shot. Besides, when it comes to gadgets there will always be tradeoffs and it is never 100% flawless the first time out of the gate.

Moto 360 Review

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