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Let’s just face it. I. AM. A. PROCRASTINATOR. Not going to hide it and I swear I’ve said this countless times but in case you missed it there it is. I am a procrastinator.

Now that the awful truth is behind us, I can honestly say that my procrastination this time was a blessing. As I continued to use the products that I’m going to eventually mention, I naturally noticed some things that I wouldn’t have noticed if I rushed to publish my initial review. And isn’t that what you guys care about anyways: honest reviews, not bullshit?

What I’m going to rant about include:
Skullcandy FIX™ Earbuds
Speck CandyShell View iPhone 4S case
Speck CandyShell Carrying Case for iPad
Incase Mag Snap Case for Apple® iPad® 2
Bagis™ Urbanears Headphones
Nyko Zoom
Mimobot® USB Flash Drive

Let’s just kick things off with the Nyko Zoom…

Nyko’s Zoom
I absolutely love my Zoom! Ever since I got my Kinect I had to put it away because I absolutely didn’t have the required minimum space necessary to play with it. Then came the Nyko’s Zoom which shortened the amount of space necessary to enjoy playing with the Kinect. Installation is a breeze, simply snap onto the Kinect and, boom, you’re done. The only thing to note is that you need to make sure you have adequate lighting when playing with a Kinect that has a Zoom installed. Other than that, it’s a definite purchase for anyone with a small space that wants to start playing and/or enjoying the wide variety of Kinect games that are out there.

For more details, please visit Nyko’s Website.


The CandyShell View iPhone 4S Case (Actually reviewed by Harley)
The CandyShell View iPhone 4S case from Speck comes with a stand for hands-free movie-watching or FaceTime chats. The retractable kickstand is easy to use, and you can set your iPhone up in either portrait or landscape mode. When you’re done viewing, the kickstand retracts back inside via a spring loaded mechanism. It has a matte-finish hard outer shell for impact-resistant protection. Inside there is a soft inner layer for shock-absorption, and a protective cushion for your iPhone 4 or 4S. The CandyShell View also features press-thru button covers and a raised screen bezel. It is definitely a sturdy and protective case, but it also adds a significant amount of weight to your iPhone. (You will definitely know when its in your pocket!) In addition, the press-thru buttons  sometimes do not really press thru at all, especially the power button at the top. Your actual phone itself is well protected, but your screen is open to the elements, and you will have to buy a screen protector if you are worried about scratches. Also, due to its lack of flexibility, it is very hard to take your phone in and out of the case, and it doesn’t work well with docking stations.

For more details and pricing, please visit Speck Products.


Speck CandyShell Carrying Case for iPad
Even though I have a soft spot for Android, I do enjoy having an iPad. Both have their strengths and disadvantages but one doesn’t win over the other. With that said, I do find myself using my iPad a lot whenever I’m home. For quick tweets or article edits, the iPad is definitely easier to use than pulling out my laptop and getting distracted by the vast world of the internet. So, what I found was that the more frequently I used my iPad, the case was just not able to handle it. The buttons were wearing down and actually flaking off like paint chips. Not a pretty sight. What’s even more disconcerting was the fact that the sliding front panel was also starting to show signs of wear and tear and I was only using for less than six months. For a case that is supposed to withstand some abuse, it couldn’t handle being frequently turned on and off.

Visit Speck Products for more details and pricing.


Incase Mag Snap Case for Apple® iPad® 2
But if you’re looking for a nice and simple case, I will definitely recommend the Incase Mag Snap Case for Apple® iPad® 2. Not only is it slim but it doesn’t cover any of the iPad buttons so you won’t have the issue of chipping like the Speck case. It’s lightweight and still capable of being used as an iPad stand just like the other iPad case I tried. I am more terrified to let my iPad slip from my hands with this case, however. Since it’s slimmer, I personally feel that it doesn’t give the shock absorption protection that the Speck case offers.

For more details and pricing, please visit Incase.


Skullcandy FIX™ Earbuds
The award-winning earbuds are geared specifically for people on the go. Their innovative design allow the ear buds to stay snuggly in your ear and are great for those times when you’re 20 minutes late for work and are hauling ass to catch the train before you’re late for a meeting for the third time this week. Or so I’ve heard. As far as staying in your ears goes, it does as claimed but the sound is pretty much up to par with other headphones in it’s price range. The bass is descent but they aren’t very good at keeping sound out. But if you’re in the market for some headphones while you’re active then these might be worth checking out.

For more details and pricing, please visit Skullcandy’s website.


Bagis™ Urbanears Headphones
Let me just start off by saying that the folks at Urbanears really get me. They have an entire line of colorful, statement making headsets that are paving the way for some interesting innovations. The Bagis range of headsets have rope cables and conveniently snap together. Both are pluses in my book because the rope cable means that I’ll have these headsets last a little longer because they won’t be causing any frayed cables anytime soon. As for the snapping, it helps with preventing the number of tangles that frequently happen when carrying around earbuds. Similar to the Skullcandy’s, however, the sound isn’t that phenomenal. Maybe I’m a little spoiled by my Shure buds but nothing can compare to those sound-wise.

Please visit the Urbanears website for more details and pricing.
Mimobot® USB Flash Drive
And finally, a little bit of coolness: The Mimobots.

Mimobots are so much more than simply a USB Flash Drive. They are all a pieces of art that show off your personality. Available in a wide range and sizes, Mimobot is counting down till Comic Con with some comic book inspired bots that are not only available today but are also available at San Diego Comic Con!

For all the details on the Mimobot line, please visit their official website.


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