Multitasking at it’s Best – Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Review

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Multitasking at it’s Best – Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Review

It’s time to get productive! As an avid user of Logitech’s Performance MX mice whenever I am at the office, I thought it was about time to see the latest and greatest that Logitech had to offer in terms of productivity mice. The Logitech MX Master 2S is a wireless multifunction mouse for the power multitasker of today. It comes in the colors Graphite, Light Grey, and Midnight Teal, and runs for a straightforward price of $99.99.

The Logitech MX Master 2S mouse is chock full of features. Let’s dive in.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is a right-handed mouse whose build and shape encourages a palm grip style. Your right hand mostly rests on rubberized surfaces while the surface your thumb sits on is softer and more textured. It uses Darkfield tracking in its 4000 DPI (dots per inch) sensor that even allows the mouse to be used on glass. It is a 7-button mouse, where the five additional buttons outside of left and right click can be repurposed to perform all kinds of user-designated functions. You also have an additional wheel along the thumb side of the mouse that defaults to horizontal scrolling. This wheel can also be customized.

These customization features and more are accessible via the Logitech Options desktop app. The Logitech Options app is very straightforward and easy to use. Just click on the button or wheel that you want to fiddle around with and choose from a collection of preloaded functions or settings to apply to said button. If you have more unique functions or needs, you can even set certain buttons to launch other applications or perform key press combinations that you can determine yourself.

Going even deeper, the Logitech MX Master 2S endeavors to separate itself even further from other office mice by incorporating features that help maximize your browsing abilities. The main mouse wheel can be toggled between controlled line-by-line scrolling and resistance-free scrolling thanks to Mode Shift. Use more than one computer at a time? Logitech FLOW allows you to use the Logitech MX Master 2S between up to three machines, which is toggled by this 1-2-3 button on the bottom of the mouse. One machine can use the included wireless USB dongle while the other two can connect via Bluetooth.

As far as comfort goes, the MX Master 2S feels right at home in your hand. The rubberized skin along the top and back coupled with the even more tactile thumb rest combine to allow for an exceptional grip on the mouse. The curvature of the mouse allows your hand to conform effortlessly and comfortably with the MX Master 2S. This comfort and grip come together to give you easy and accurate maneuvering and clicking as you use the MX Master 2S for hours throughout your day.

The horizontal wheel placement and nearby side buttons did take some getting used to. Whether it be productivity or gaming mice, thumb-side buttons are typically arranged to be horizontally side-by-side. With the MX Master 2S, those buttons are arranged vertically with one button flush against the other. Then right next to the button pair sits the horizontal wheel. I traditionally set these “Mouse 4” and “Mouse 5” buttons to be perform Copy and Paste respectively, so there was some muscle memory re-training to do.

Logitech MX Master 2S (Left) next to Logitech Performance MX (Right)

Although I was skeptical about this button arrangement, it did not take me too long to get accustomed to it during day-to-day usage. The horizontal wheel was all right, although I was only able to appreciate it when I was looking at epic-sized Excel spreadsheets. At the very least, rolling the wheel about felt nice and smooth. Outside of that, I seldom reached for it.

As for the main wheel between the left and right clicks, the middle wheel is quite customizable in how it behaves and feels thanks to Mode Shift. Mode Shift is great for toggling between free and controlled scrolling on the fly. As an added bonus, you can even customize the SmartShift sensitivity of the controlled scroll, allowing you to control the tactile feedback and resistance of the middle mouse wheel to suit your tastes.

Although also customizable, I also left the Gesture Button button at factory settings. By default, pressing the Gesture Button acts as a handy alternative to Alt-Tab, giving you a peek at all of your open application windows so you can quickly switch focus to the window you are looking for. Additional features include holding down the Gesture Button while making swipes with the mouse, allowing you to quickly access functions like Show Desktop and the Start Menu.

The addition of Logitech FLOW to the MX Master 2S is a very nice touch for the power user handling multiple machines. Pairing computers to each of the three Logitech FLOW slots is very quick and easy. Each separate computer can even have Logitech Options settings that are exclusive to each machine. This means you can have separate Logitech Options customization profiles that only apply to the mouse when the mouse is toggled to that specific pairing. Simply tap the button on the bottom of the mouse to hop to the machine you want and begin using the mouse on that PC with no delay at all.

What I expected with the MX Master 2S when I first opened the box was just another Logitech Performance MX with better tracking, ergonomics, and life span. At its core, the Logitech MX Master 2S is comfortable and accurate, powering you through up to 70 days of usage on a full charge. What I got from this mouse was all of that and so much more. This mouse not only increased my efficiency by reducing my common needs to reach for the keyboard, but it also allowed me to expand all of the mouse’s functionality across multiple machines seamlessly.

Similar to my usage of previous Logitech Performance MX mice, I found myself using the Mode Shift, Copy-Paste, and Alt-Tab functions the most here. The horizontal wheel is nice to have, but I was only reminded of its existence at those rare times that I encountered massive spreadsheets. Having a 27-inch monitor often dissuaded the need for horizontal scrolling. However, I could appreciate its practicality for other types of users.

The newest additions to my day-to-day shortcuts were the Gesture Button motion for Show Desktop and the ability to bounce quicky between machines. Being able to bounce between machines you have at your desk without involving a KVM switch was a luxury I did not realized I wanted until I had it.

If you’re a power user in the office or at home, and you’re looking to up your browsing and computing efficiency, then you definitely need to check out Logitech’s MX Master 2S for yourself here.



†Logitech MX Master 2S review unit provided by Logitech PR.