Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet by Moleskine x Adobe

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Moleskine Paper Tablet Launch

Moleskine and Adobe have launched the Moleskine Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected. The two brands have collaborated to create a new experience where anyone can transform their works on paper to Adobe Illustrator CC. Once transferred graphic designers, visual artists, and illustrators can develop, edit, colorize, and refine their work even further. The Moleskine Paper Tablet creates a unique experience bridging both the analog and digital world. With the ability to condense the creative process into a few steps, therefore, eliminating a few steps. Hopefully, users won’t be missing their scanners too much.

As a companion to the Paper Tablet, Moleskine and Adobe have created the Moleskine Pen+Ellipse. When used with the special paper, notes and drawings can be either simultaneously drawn or saved to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Each page contains two symbols that trigger either action when tapped by the Pen+Ellipse. Additionally, if you prefer, you can work solely on paper and later connect to Illustrator CC. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this smart writing system is available right now.

Moleskine even commissioned an independent study which found that while everyone is increasingly using digital devices, some continue to create output with pen and paper. Even still, a large portion of people often redraw their work into a digital format. Myself included. Moleskine’s new system promises the best of both worlds while working seamlessly. While we cover a lot of technology here, I love discovering gems like this. We’re currently reviewing products that take us away from the analog world. Sometimes we find things that attempt to bridge the two but are not as effortless as this smart writing system.

Moleskine Paper Tablet Launch

“Moleskine is a brand of enablement–we consider ourselves a platform for creation and sharing. This means that we are about building bridges between your ideas and the world. With digital, we expand that capability and enable your ideas to go further. It also means that we want to let our users choose the tool that’s best for the job–and as stated we think paper and digital are natural companions-because at the end creativity should be platform agnostic”

– Peter Jensen, Director of Digital Innovation

Visit Moleskine’s official website to learn more as well as to find a local retailer near you. The kind folks at Moleskine gifted a Paper Tablet and Pen+Ellipse which I will be reviewing and sharing thoughts on eventually.

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