HTC One A9 Review

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HTC One A9 Review

Additional Features and Final Thoughts


I do appreciate HTC’s keeping with the times with the addition of the fingerprint sensor and implementation of Android Pay. With Samsung and Apple utilizing similar features to make the smartphone into a convenient tool for financial transactions, it’s a smart and welcome move to make sure HTC is just as relevant in the mobile device battlefield. HTC probably saved a lot of time, effort and money by leveraging Google’s services with Android Play.

At a whole, the HTC One A9 is a fine smartphone in its own right. I wouldn’t put it above the M series but I don’t have to. As a hub for multimedia entertainment, it’s a hit with solid visuals and great approach to sound presentation. I hate to say that doesn’t have an original “look” like the M series, but it’s hardly a phone that you’d hide from your friends in shame. It’s a nice looking device, especially when that screen is on, showing off a display that I would say is above its predecessors’. The camera is touch and go with me in low light due to the amount of effort that some shots may need to be “great”. That doesn’t mean the camera isn’t capable of great shots. There’s a learning curve there. Once you get by it, this camera won’t hold you back. In well-lit scenarios, there’s hardly an issue. Not to mention, at the very least, video capture is spot on.

As I mentioned, the HTC One A9 goes in its own direction. It doesn’t step over the M9, but it steps around it to get in the spotlight. It has the necessary features of “today” to hang around in that spotlight just long enough until the next big mobile splash comes around. Wondering if the HTC One A9 is worth your time? For now, I would definitely suggest over the M9 for what it’s capable of that the M9 simply is not. Also, until at least January 7 2015, it’s a strong enough device to come across as a steal if you’d fancy this offer:

Turn in an iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus and 6Plus for an even swap, meaning you will be refunded $499. Samsung Galaxy trade in gets $200, LG is $100 off. It is paid by check and is mailed to the customer.

You can do so by visiting Have an iPhone 6 that you’re tired of? You can come back to the Android OS potentially for free through the HTC One A9. For what this phone brings to the table, that is not a bad deal at all.

At the very least, the HTC One A9 is worth a look if you’re looking to upgrade from a phone that can’t be traded. You can and should look into it more for yourself here:

† HTC One A9 loaner unit provided by HTC for review.