HTC One A9 Review

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HTC One A9 Review

Display and Multimedia

M9 on left, A9 on right.
M9 on left, A9 on right. A9 brightness set to low.

The HTC One A9’s display feels like a step up from its predecessors. The 5-inch screen display displays colors and imagery in a vibrant fashion. Colors are vivid and pictures appear sharp. Even with the lower of display brightness settings, the display is clear and visible in bright light environments. Continuing protection with Corning Gorilla Glass, HTC’s One A9 keeps the pace with the various displays seen in its competitors this year.

HTC’s new approach to audio presentation may not be new to the market, but it’s different from what HTC has been doing as of late. The dual front facing stereo speakers seen in HTC’s last handful of phone models is the most notable change here. Before, the M7, M8 and M9 enticed you to listen to your media directly from the phone. Sure, you could connect a headset if you like, but you didn’t need to in order to enjoy stereo sound. That’s not to say that what the HTC One A9 is doing here is a step back. Many manufacturers base their models on the premise that users will predominantly use headphones for listening. So, HTC made an effort to ensure that their presentation of this widely-accepted approach was unique.


Now, the HTC BoomSound software drivers are in play here are as they were with the M9. So depending on the audio output device you have connected to the A9, you may have to finagle between the 4 presets: HTC earbuds, HTC in-ear, HTC Pro Studio, and “Other”.  In my experience, with over ear headphones, the HTC Pro Studio appeared to bring the most satisfying sound with the over ear headphones I tried.

That said, music-listening with use of headphones was definitely an enjoyable experience with the HTC One A9. I compared the experiences of both mp3 quality and hi-fi music streams on the Surface Pro 3, the HTC One M9 and the HTC One A9 with use of 40mm driver over ear headphones. My experience with the HTC One A9 appeared to top that of the other two devices. Sound felt clear, powerful and lively. Combine this experience with the visuals from the display, and you have yourself an entertaining and immersive multimedia experience when enjoying media with the HTC One A9.

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