Bringing Sound Back to Quality with HRT’s Headphone dSp

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Bringing Sound Back to Quality with HRT’s Headphone dSp


With the rise of interest in vinyls and hi-fi sound, the digital landscape is starting to take form to meet the sound quality needs of the masses. Most music streaming services are still providing only 320 kbps, but a handful of them are returning to CD quality standards (FLAC Audio). High Resolution Technologies (HRT) is aware that music must be heard in the most optimal form possible. This is where we discovered HRT‘s little device that could.

High Resolution Technologies’  digital sound processor (dSp) packs a wallop. Following a successful Kickstarter to get this little device to the hands of many, its main purpose is to amplify music with whatever device you prefer. It’s matched with the simplest plug-and-play, no-hassle setup. Whether you’re listening to high quality Tidal playlists or your own tunes, you can definitely hear the difference on your Android portable device of choice (tablets, phones, etc.).

The dSp definitely improves sound quality on mostly any headset of choice. Of course you’d hear a bigger difference on high-end headphones. I tried it out on both run-of-the-mill headphones to my Hyper Cloud ii headset, and proportionally I can say it definitely amps it up. My computer quickly recognized the dSp and was set to go in mere seconds for high-quality music. Also it’s versatile with many audio formats  (ie. MP3, AAC, Windows lossless, etc.)

The dSp really takes advantage of Hi-Fi streaming services like Tidal, and I can really hear how crisp and clear the sound is. In a world of super compressed music, it feels nice to listen to music as if I were carrying my old CD-Player. Fortunately HRT made the device ergonomically light and portable it can be packed away in your pocket/bag along with whatever else you need. It comes with two very sturdy and short cords (no tangled wires!): one for USB devices and one for mobile devices. Low battery consumption was also in mind for the dSp, although it does utilize the slot where you would normally use to charge the phone with. The device was truly meant for a portable design, but also works wonders for laptops and desktops alike.

IMAG2957 I can happily say that the dSp helped fill the audio needs of this music junky. HRT’s dSp is truly wonderful to carry around with my android phone, or at home on my PC. The dSp works on many OS’s: Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and Apple OS X (using the I-dSp). and  you can get your very own for only $59.99 . High Resolution Technologies has really outdone themselves with the dSp and has a foothold in the HRT family of high quality audio devices where you can find out more about at
† HRT Headphone dSp review unit provided by High Resolution Technologies.