#GetGeeked New York 2014: In Photos

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GetGeeked NY 2014

On October 16th techies around New York were treated to a new intimate experience. GetGeeked showcased a bevy of brands and allowed attendees an opportunity to interact directly with two dozen familiar brands like Lenovo, Sling, Boogie Board, Western Digital, and Martian Watches. But GetGeeked wasn’t just simply a exhibition. Tucked away behind a few curtains was a small section for conferences that were also being conducted. This was an opportunity to delve deeper into the various brands on display. Even though the lines might have been long, and the venue was kind of hard to get to—GetGeeked was a unique experience that place brands directly with consumers. Events like that are always hard to find and are sometimes left to an exclusive few. Plus, did I forget to mention that the event was overall FREE to attend?

The GetGeeked event is the brainchild of Barry Myers, the creator of gdgt Live and other popular tech related events. In anticipation of the event, RAGE Works took a moment to chat with Barry Myers in their Behind the Mic series. “Barry Myers is a tech industry luminary who has been a driving force in the New York¬†tech event scene for some time”, stated Rich in his interview notes.¬†Barry shared his trials, tribulations and triumphs not only in getting this event together but ensuring it was unique experience. Click here to listen to the entire interview.

Below is a small sampling of the products that were on display and passed the gallery I have included Rich’s interviews which were conducted and live streamed during the GetGeeked event.

GetGeeked Interview Playlist:

Blanc Interview:
What were you doing at age 17? Marc Rice & Eddy Zhong launched their Spark smart watch at getgeeked NY.
Rich worked the getgeeked live stream and got to interview these two talented and humble seventeen-year-old entrepreneurs.

Phorus Interview:
Justin Gibbons walks us through what Phorus is showcasing at getgeeked NY

Tivo Interview:
Rich meets with a rep from Tivo to discuss their current product offerings being showcased at the getgeeked NY event.

Bayan Audio Interview:
Rich chats with Taylor from Bayan Audio about their new products launching in US as well as what products they are showing getgeeked NY attendees.

Lenovo Interview:
Lenovo brought all the cool toys to getgeeked NY. Cassidy showed Rich the latest laptops and tablets that Lenovo had for getgeeked attendees to check out.

Quirky Interview:
Nathaniel from Quirky gave Rich a breakdown of what Quirky is all about and how they bring their unique and innovative products to market.

Staples Interview:
Staples showcased their latest hardware for the connected home. No one would have expected Staples jump into this arena but they definitely impressed at getgeeked NY.

Huge thanks to Rich for providing and conducting the awesome interviews during GetGeeked!

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