Focal Spark Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Focal Spark Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Started in France, the audio company Focal has spent 35 years designing high-end speakers for the home, the automobile and recording studios. Most recently, they have been hard at work bringing their audio designs into the headphone market. The Utopia and the Elear are their most recent designs for the high-end audiophile market. However, now they are reaching to a broader market with their first dip into the wireless listening arena. The Focal Spark Wireless is Focal’s first Bluetooth headset coming in at a very approachable $99.

Build, Accessories and Comfort

Focal Spark Wireless Specs

Driver Electrodynamic 03/8″ (9,5mm) Mylar
Impedance 16 Ohms
Sensitivity 103dB
THD <0.3%
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Net weight 14g (0,04lbs)
Bluetooth® wireless
Range >15m
Battery up to 8h

The Focal Spark Wireless comes with a good assortment of accessories to cover all of its needs. Other than the Focal Spark Wireless itself, you get a carrying case, a magnetic cord tie, a short micro USB cable for charging, and a set of sized ear tips. The case is pretty efficient in that it’s both very small but just large enough to hold everything you need for the Focal Spark Wireless. It’s also pretty rigid, giving you a nice boost of comfort, reassuring you that your Focal Spark Wireless is well protected while inside.

The Focal Spark Wireless uses a standard in-line controller for commanding your media. The arrow buttons control both volume and music track progression, where a short press handles volume and a long press handles the tracks. The center button controls main power, pairing, play, pause, and phone call handling. The in-line controller also houses a mic for when you want to use the Focal Spark Wireless during phone calls. The Focal Spark Wireless’s second larger piece houses an LED and is where the battery resides. The LED indicates when the unit powers on, powers off or when it is in pairing mode.

The Focal Spark Wireless is a comfortable Bluetooth headset. It is low profile and light. With the right sized tips, the earbuds sit softly and securely in your ears. If there’s any gripe with wearing the Focal Spark Wireless, I’d say it was in how the thicker part, which holds the battery, weighs the unit down.

Now, it doesn’t make the Focal Spark Wireless heavy or uncomfortable, but it does act like a sort of anchor that mildly tries to move the unit about. If you’re wearing a collared shirt then it’s not an issue since the bulk of the unit’s weight sits neatly in the collar. If you’re wearing a top with a less involved neck area, then the Focal Spark Wireless might give you just a touch of anxiety. The unit will swing about and feel as it wants to shake itself loose from your ears.

Thankfully, the Focal Spark Wireless was always comfortably secure and never really escaped my ears. I just had to get used to that mild anxiety whenever it didn’t have a collar or when I took the Focal Spark Wireless to the gym. Now, the magnetic clip was excellent for securing the headset onto my shirt, making the Focal Spark Wireless an excellent work-out companion. However, using the magnetic clip just felt like a bit much outside of athletic scenarios. So as long as you have a calm and casual use case for the Focal Spark Wireless, then you’re in for a comfortable wearing experience.

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