E3 2015: The “Halo 5: Guardians” HoloLens Experience

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E3 2015: Halo 5 HoloLens Experience
E3 2015: Halo 5 HoloLens Experience
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Overall Impressions

Seriously, this entire experience was surreal and unlike the Oculus. There is no real comparison between the two anyway. The Oculus is a fully immersive experience. With the Oculus you can stay stationary in a chair and have the action come to you. With the HoloLens you can walk around and interact with the environment around you. To compare the two wouldn’t be right since they aren’t the same type of virtual experiences.

With the HoloLens, the ability to project and create entirely new experiences on everyday surfaces is amazing! As a Halo fan, it was awesome to see an immersive experience that effectively explained gameplay. While I personally would have loved to actually do some real life PvP with the HoloLens this was an overall highlight to my E3 experience this year. The only drawback was the visor. Whenever I tilted my head a certain way, it would cut off the hologram and break the overall illusion. Business Insider has an excellent article about the issue,  feel free to check it out here.

While details on when the HoloLens will be released aren’t officially announced yet, I can safely say that if you ever get the chance to try out the HoloLens you will not believe your eyes!