Bullfrog Jump Bluetooth Speaker by Kicker

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Bullfrog Jump Bluetooth Speaker by Kicker

The Bullfrog Jump outdoor speaker is easily the most badass speaker I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.  Now, I’ve seen dozens; nah, hundreds of Bluetooth speakers in my day and the Bullfrog Jump simply takes the cake as the best outdoor speaker to date.  Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Kicker presented the Bullfrog Jump at this year’s CES.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kicker, they have been in the audio design industry for well over 40 years and their experience truly shines in the design of the Bullfrog Jump.

The Bullfrog Jump is a waterproof, outdoor speaker.  WATERPROOF.  Not water resistant, but waterproof.  There is a big difference between the two.  With its waterproof design, the Bullfrog Jump is perfect for any outdoor event such as a cookout, camping, and tailgating.  If the skies open up you do not need to rush to pack up your speaker in fear of it getting ruined.  The Bullfrog Jump has a IP66 rating which roughly translates to awesome.  Dirt, dust, snow?  Not a concern of the Bullfrog Jump.  It almost welcomes it.



The Bullfrog Jump features two massive 4″ drivers along with two 3″x4″ passive subwoofers.  What’s unique is that there is a subwoofer on both sides of this speaker which allows it to deliver 360 degrees of sound regardless of what direction it is facing.  Once again, this goes back to Kicker’s incredible ingenuity and experience.   The sound is surprisingly nice and doesn’t suffer like similar outdoor speakers do.  The highs aren’t tingy, while the lows aren’t muffled.  Just like any other speaker out there, it does depend on the style of music you listen too.  If you’re jamming out to a lot of rock, classic jams or country you are in for a treat.  Top 40’s were handled nicely as well.  Along with its driver placement, the shape and design of the speaker itself is also worth noting.  The Bullfrog Jump has a built-in handle for easy portability.  You don’t have to mess around with a strap like you do with other competitors.

Now let’s chat about connectivity.  Using the most advanced Bluetooth technology, you can stream your music up to 100 feet away.  Now please keep in mind that Bluetooth, while it is awesome does have its restrictions that are no fault of the speaker.  With a clear line of sight, you can stream without interruption quite nicely.  Using a legacy device that isn’t Bluetooth enabled?  No problem!  There is a 3.5mm jack built right into it.  Is there an emergency and you need to hear the local news?  The Bullfrog Jump has got you covered with a built-in tuner that allows you to listen to local stations with the use of the antenna which is provided.

With your choice of two awesome colors, this speaker is the only choice for any outdoor occasion.  The battery can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, and conveniently contains a USB charge-out which will allow you to charge your mobile device in the case of an emergency, or in case you simply didn’t prepare yourself for your camping trip.

Kicker has also put together a nice companion app for Android or iOS.  The app allows you to connect a second Bullfrog product to enable the wireless stereo mode.  The app also allows you to store your FM Presets and control your volume.  The app in uncomplicated, and intuitive.  It will be even better to have when Kicker drops the next two speakers in the Bullfrog Family, the Hop, and the Skip.

Overall I’ve has this speaker for nearly a month now.  I’ve learned by reviewing and familiarizing myself with Bluetooth devices that you truly need to put some time into it.  Speakers and other Bluetooth devices are often amazing when I first open them, then I found myself disappointed a few weeks later when the device is no longer working as it had originally.  Fear not though, the Bullfrog Jump has been tested for your complete satisfaction by the one and only…me!  I’ve tested in indoors, outdoors, let is play for hours at a time.  I’ve turned it on, off and paired several different devices to it and have yet to be disappointed by it.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or have any sort of yard then this speaker is for you.  Keep in mind this is a premium product with a msrp of $399.95.  There are alternatives, but why by a cheaper speaker that you will have to replace when you can get your hands on a great product, to begin with?  You can order your Bullfrog Jump right this second directly from Kicker by clicking here.